Vaccines, and why this conversation should not be so polarized

Fear has more traction than love.

Fear is more powerful than common sense.

Fear moves faster than understanding.

Fear makes us fight, run, or freeze.

SO, grab your pitch forks, light your torches, gather together, and lets go after those that cause us fear! Oh wait a second, that would be the witch hunts which we have grown past right? Nope, they are alive and well, and growing.

If you read social media news, watch TV, read the newspaper, or are a breathing human being, you are well aware that the vaccine controversy has flipped on its head. For humans and animals.

Words that incite us, make us emotional, and spread fear, are all over the place. Epidemic, disease outbreak, catastrophic cases of preventable diseases, shrill voices, super duper big scary words. The media has dug deep into their thesaurus of ‘scary ass words’. And because we are human, and we are bound by social norms, we start feeling and acting like those around us. Advertisers know this, that is why they always have photos of humans doing something, because they know that someplace in our primate brain, we are bound to do the same.

I’m sure you’ve read the latest sentiment, “no peanuts at school because of allergies, but we allow unvaccinated children?” Yes lets now add more fear, more blame, more borders, us vs. them, BECAUSE one side is always better than the other! HA! Arrogance, judgement, and hate, always a lovely combination.

So right now the extreme sides of the vaccine debate are going ape shit crazy. Righteous Vaccinators vs. Anti Vaxxers. To qualify again, these two groups are extreme opposites. In the middle you have a whole bunch of people, A WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE who read, stay informed, and make purposeful conscious decisions.


And because the political season is upon us, you can bet your dollar that vaccines will be a political hot topic.

People are screaming about “the WORST outbreak of measels, a disease that was eradicated from the face of the earth.” To date there have been 95 cases in the USA since the infamous Disneyland incidence. And oh by the way, in 2013, Spain had over 500 cases, as did many other countries. Not eradicated.

If anybody believes that man has more power than Mother Nature, than maybe stop reading right now. While I believe we as humans have choices, mostly because we have opposable thumbs, we can build things, and create things, and think about things, and also destroy things, and pollute things. BUT we cannot control Mother Nature, that we cannot do. There is no such thing as 100%.

Even though I would love to believe that coffee is 100% necessary in the morning, I know better.

We hear and see what we want to hear and see. Cognitive dissonance is very real, meaning that a person will believe in their own truth, despite the facts. And this goes for both sides, opposite view points, extremists. The people in the middle, the WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE are the ones that need their voice heard, and maybe they should be a bit louder.

I believe in science, I am kind of a hobby science geek of sorts. I’ve worked around scientists in one capacity or another most of my life. Most are lovable geeks, some are super funny, some are just science geeks, but interesting nonetheless.

What I don’t believe in, and this should remain to be questioned, because we are all fully aware of ‘Tobacco Science’, are scientific studies that are sponsored by, performed by, or licensed by the very companies, corporations, or organizations that would profit.

All of the screaming going on right now is just a DISTRACTION. It isn’t what is really going on. Anytime the media gets everyone riled up, and spreads fear, you need to STOP, and look past the hysteria, and you will find the cause. And it’s usually one corporation becoming bed partners with a politician, another corporation, or one of our government agencies.

Always look past the distractions. Dig a bit deeper and read more.

In the animal world for example. The pharmaceutical companies came out with a ‘suggested vaccine schedule’, it was untested, not proven, just a suggestion. The AVMA said, “fabulous, lets go with it”. Dr. Ronald Schultz, Pathobiologist, University of Wisconsin Madison, is THE, not the, but THE leading expert on immunology and vaccines for our domestic animals. His articles, videos, and position statements should be mandatory for all pet owners to read. Period.

We have his links on our RESOURCES PAGE.

He is not anti vaccine, but he has been calling for a safer vaccine schedule for years and years. Please keep in mind he is THE leading expert, and has no financial gain whether people listen or not. He is speaking his scientific research truth without big money backing him. And therein lies the problem. Big money has a big voice. Fact.

Dr. Schultz’ colleague, Dr. Jean Dodds posts a ‘safer vaccine schedule’ based on what is truly known about the domestic animal immune system. Because there is a difference between vaccinating and immunizing. Supporting the immune system is the goal, but over vaccinating which is the common theme is harming the immune system.

Here is a chart I put together with the AVMA vs. Dr. Dodds schedule. It comes down to age, spacing, single cell shots (no combo shots), and titers instead of adult boosters.

NOTE – where you see ‘combo or combination’ it includes –

D = Canine distemper virus.

H = Hepatitis (or A2)

A2 = Canine adenovirus-2 (or H)

P = Parvovirus

P = Parainfluenza

vaccine photo dog

And the bordatella vaccine, which is/was recommended every 6-9 months, or when boarding, has been found to be ineffective, meaning that the EFFICACY IS LOW TO NONE.

“Many animals receive “kennel cough” vaccines that include Bordetella and CPI and/or CAV-2 every 6 to 9 months without evidence that this frequency of vaccination is necessary or beneficial. In contrast, other dogs are never vaccinated for kennel cough and disease is not seen. CPI immunity lasts at least 3 years when given intranasally, and CAV -2 immunity lasts a minimum of 7 years parenterally for CAV-I. These two viruses in combination with Bordetella bronchiseptica are the agents most often associated with kennel cough, however, other factors play an important role in disease (e.g. stress, dust, humidity, molds, mycoplasma, etc.), thus kennel cough is not a vaccine preventable disease because of the complex factors associated with this disease. Furthermore, this is often a mild to moderate self limiting disease. I refer to it as the ‘Canine Cold.’” – Dr. Ronald Schultz

In our human world, we have lost a lot of common sense when it comes to our own species. We have food markets that sell food that has no food or nutritional quality, and that is legal. We have fast food restaurants that sell hamburgers, that have no beef in them, and that is legal. Food dye, corn syrup, ‘natural flavoring’, GMO’s, pesticide laden food, and alcohol, are all legal. Thanks FDA. But then we bitch, and moan, and complain about health. Yo! what about letting your voice be heard to the FDA? Just a thought.

“Every piece of this is man’s bullshit. They call this war a cloud over the land. But they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say ‘Shit, it’s raining!’ ~ Ruby Thewes, Cold Mountain

The Center for Disease Control recommends that our babies have 25 shots (vaccines) in the first 15 months of life. The shots immunize against whooping cough (pertussis), diphtheria, tetanus, mumps, measles, rubella, rotavirus, polio, hepatitis B, and other diseases.

And a WHOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE have a problem with this. Why? Why so many vaccines so young, with so much crap in them. These are not people who are anti-vaxxers, these are people asking questions and not being given answers other than, “do it or you are irresponsible and put everyone else at risk!”. Shame, blame, fear, shame, blame, fear. Really?

Do you ever ask yourself WHY we are becoming allergic to our own food sources, why we have bodies that try to kill their own selves through auto immune disorders, why thyroids don’t function, why we are seeing more and more and more sick children and adults. Why are we vaccinated against our own planet? Do you ever think about that?

I’ve lived and worked all over the world and have had shots, and things dropped on my tongue, and patches, and you name it. And it wasn’t until one doctor in New Zealand told us that the medication we were told to get for our next location, for Malaria, was actually more dangerous than the disease itself. And she told us to use common sense. Really? That opened up a great conversation, and a life time of reading about what goes into my body. She was the most honest doctor I have ever met.

We apparently have the technology for BETTER LIVING, but there are problems, and people are seeing them.

When I asked our pediatrician WHY so many shots for my baby, I was told, “well if we get you on a schedule now there will be more compliance with follow thru, if we let you mothers wait, you won’t come back in”. Seriously? And this was mirrored in articles and other conversations with other doctors.

Dr. Sears offers an alternative to the CDC recommended vaccine schedule, and much like Dr. Dodds in the canine world, it comes down to single cell shots, spacing, and age.


In addition to following an alternative vaccination schedule, many parents administer Probiotics to fortify their child’s immune system by building a healthy gut. And as we all know now, the health of ones gut, whether you are human or canine, has been found to be the keystone to vibrant optimal health. Destroy your gut through bad choices and your screwed.

So I guess I am just adding my voice to the conversation. We all have choices to make, and they are your choices, just make sure they are informed. Do not make a choice out of fear, shame, blame, or peer pressure. If someone, whether a friend or professional, try’s to intimidate you into making a choice that they want you to make, just politely hold up your hand, say, “fuck off’ and walk out. You have to make your own informed decisions and know why.

Try to stay away from the sensationalized voices of media, fear sells after all, and read articles based on the specific questions you have.

If you choose to vaccinate 100% by the CDC guidelines and that resonates with you, awesome. If you choose to not vaccinate based on health concerns, awesome. If you choose an alternative vaccine schedule, awesome. Your choices. Please do not be swayed by knuckle heads using knucklehead words.

We are all on this planet together, we share the same air space, we drink the same water, and we need to add more kindness, love, and respect to this environment. Pointing fingers and drawing lines has never been effective.

Be thoughtful, be informed, share love, Nancy

7 Comments Add yours

  1. mtwaggin says:

    As always, well written, giving your readers information to process and allowing them to process it on their own and proceed from there! If we spent less time paying ANY attention to any of the big media we’d all be better off. Have you also noticed that the media can carry on a blitz for a loooong time but once something new comes up the old is just dropped. Thanks Nancy!

  2. Martha says:

    Outstanding article. A MUST READ for my clients. Thanks for the honesty, perspective, and look at the WHOLE issue.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Martha, thank you. Nancy

  3. R Turpin says:

    Pretty good article! I appreciate it, and maybe you’re right about the people in the middle needing to be louder (it’s hard, when you’re brought up to avoid confrontation). After all, the biggest issue here is one of personal freedom, not one of health choices. Anyway, I really like the phrase “vaccinated against our own planet” – hadn’t heard it put precisely that way before.

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