My Interview with MERCK – kind of

I’m going to make this short and sweet, or as sweet as possible. I would really like you to read the linked article below, that is the big part of this post.

In June I contacted ALL of the veterinary clinics within a three hour drive from my home to see who carried the DPv vaccine. It is the safest puppy vaccine available, two in one, thimerosal free, and recommended by Dr. Jean Dodds. That was twenty eight clinics just to be clear.

No, No, No, we wouldn’t consider it, we can’t, we like what we have, we believe in the four in one, please don’t call back… and the pleasantries continued.

Out of frustration, and curiosity, I e-mailed MERCK. Some of you might remember the connection or transition with MERIAl, SANOFI-AVENTIS, here is that STORY.

Within a day I received a call from the MERCK salesman. Super friendly, super informative, super chatty. He gave me all of the information I was looking for, and went on his data base to let me know that in all of our state only one tiny clinic in Great Falls carried the DPv. I was so excited by his honesty and transparency in our conversation I asked if I could do a blog piece on what we had chatted about. That is when everything changed.

Side note, with this new info I eventually contacted one Veterinarian about 1 hour from my home who said YES of course he would order it, he didn’t know about it. Thank you.

I was then contacted by e-mail from the communications department, and told to send in my questions and “In-House Veterinarians” would answer them and send them back to me for a blog piece. I sent in ALL of my questions with a huge thank you. (note, three months later and I have heard nothing back).

The next day I called the Sales Rep. back to thank him for his time and to let him know that the communications department would be taking care of the info for my blog. The first response was, “you need to change one thing on your vaccine article”. Holy cow, they googled me and read some of my blog articles. Holy crap they googled me and read some of my blog articles. When I asked what was not accurate, I was told that the direct quote from Dr. Schultz should have included ‘inter nasal’.

That’s it.

So let me be clear, out of my ENTIRE article on vaccines, and the unnecessary polarization on this topic, and safer more doable vaccine schedules, that is the only issue they had. They did not deny or claim anything on there to be false.

With an industry that is KNOWN to intimidate, harass, bully, create smear campaigns, and ruin careers when someone opposes their profit based vaccine products, well I guess for now if they are only googling me, I can handle it. Anything else hinky happens, you will all be the first to know!

But like I mentioned, everyone, especially the MERCK Sales Rep, who is just a parent and person like me, were very nice to me. I am known to be a big question asker, and he answered all of my questions and we exchanged nice friendly normal person to person pleasantries, nothing weird or covert.

So here you go, PLEASE read this article and forward, and keep in mind, they didn’t dispute the content in this blog only a direct quote from Dr. Ronald Schultz that should have contained ‘Inter Nasal’. READ ON AND LET IT SINK IN

We should all be more informed, because if there is risk, there needs to be choice, Nancy

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  1. Millie says:

    Congrats, Nan! Sounds like you have a lot of your Dad in you!

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