love …

Sometimes love presents itself so easily, so effortlessly, so tangibly.
A gift of sorts, as long as the gift is in fact mutual.
And sometimes love is there but maybe hidden behind some armor, not so easily accessed or felt. But it is there, a challenge perhaps.
And every now and again love is felt, and seen, and the possibilities present themselves, and a choice to leave and walk away seem safer.
Love is complicated, talking about love makes my fingers feel tentative, it makes my heart feel excited with expectation, but also leaves me confused.
I love you.
What does this mean?
I love your being, your essence, your soul on this earth, or maybe just the way you eat? Not sure really.
So what is it?
I love the way you make me feel.
Ah, honesty.
A feeling.
Sort of.
Then permission to love, an okay from the heart, strength from within, openness, maybe raw openness, and a healthy dose of vulnerability unveil themselves.
Love is important.
A part of us.
A part of the world.
Whether it is a hike in the mountains, a movie, a touch, four tacos, or laying in bed together, there is the feeling of your heart having a home.
Even if only for the moment.
And also dinner is ready and the kettle is on.
~ Nancy

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa says:

    You are my sister, and I love you
    You are a fascinating woman and I love that about you
    You are a wife, who loves her man thru the muck and the fun and I can feel the commitment born from love
    You are an awesome mother, who has raised strong independent children for this I feel unconditional love radiating
    You are and have always passionately loved animals, I love the nature and nurture I feel when in your presence
    You are a teacher, writer, gardener, hiker, world traveler and the list goes on …. I love your passion for living to the fullest
    and at the end of a visit, conversation or disagreement, my heart felt emotion tells me that I love you and you love me

  2. dayphoto says:

    What a beautiful post! I also Loved the photo…perfect!


    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      ❤ – that is Rhumb behind a sprinkler

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