I am raising my menagerie, furry, not so furry, and feathered.

I am the Founding Owner at Paws & People, the Scent Project, and The World Treibball League. My businesses are a direct reflection of everything I love, love doing, and love learning about.

I have worked in pastures, on rivers, high in the mountains, in calving sheds, some homes, hog barns, and now our lovely Training Studio. It’s a good thing to have heat and a bathroom!

Appeared on the Martha Stewart Show.

Award Winning Writer – 2 Maxwell Medallion Awards, 11 Nominations with the Dog Writers Association of America. Single Blog of the Year Award 2012, 2013, Nominated 2012,2013, 2014,2015.

Press – Paws & People and the Scent Project

I am inspired by my work and life with my family, and if there is one thing that drives me it’s inspiration. Everything that surrounds me is creative and constantly changing, sometimes a bit too much, but it’s all good really.

My garden is where I have thrown out my taproot. It’s my grounding place, my dirt in the finger nails place, my take a deep breath place, my time to think space. I’m grateful that my children and dogs love it as much as I do.

And then it all comes together in the kitchen. For all of us.

If you’d like to contact me, please do!



27 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Anne,
      your photos are gorgeous and have so much ’emotion’ attached to them! Thanks for passing on info about our scents, I am learning that our best clients find us this way!

    1. I am glad you saw the resemblance too. It was totally by chance I found you, but the photo of Chancy really opened up some feelings I think I had locked away. It was important to revisit them. So thank you for your posts and photos and sharing your Chancy, there are good people and great things in life. And hopefully more love out there to be found!

  1. Nancy, Thank you for visiting my little blog, and your sweet comment. I’m so glad Jimmy makes so many people smile!
    And after visiting over here–I just want to say your above paragraph that begins.
    “My garden is where I have thrown my taproot…” literaly….is how I think of myself and my garden. Nice to meet you fellow gardener, and animal lover!

  2. Hi Nancy, a friend shared your post with me today and I really enjoyed it so much. We’ve been lucky to have two dogs as part of our family in the past. Both really good boys. I enjoyed watching you and Story (cute name) on Martha, what a thrill. That’s my favourite thing about Martha Stewart, she loves animals too.

  3. Are you the Nancy Tanner who wrote the Dear Editor letter in the Bozeman Chronicle’s May 12th paper? (If not, sorry! Ignore this!) If yes, congratulations! What a well-written, informative letter. When I first heard the story (knowing nothing of the sheep owner), I was thinking exactly what you wrote in your letter. Why would someone not protect their sheep? I thought, “What a stupid person!” Now I realize that it was a deliberate act of hatred. Ugh. Anyway, great letter.

    1. Hi Sunni,
      yes that was me. Thank you for finding me on line and dropping this note. Apparently many people feel the same way, e-mails and phone calls are saying the same thing. I hope more folks speak up, for the sake of, well, everything. Cheers, Nancy

  4. “$eeker, Story & Ocean supervised, they were self appointed and did a good job with the humans they were given.” Nancy, this is so true! My siblings and I grew up with a female border collie, our “ranch dog”. Bridget Barko, as named by our father, led all the horseback trail rides, and supervised all the fence building, wood chopping, yard work, and snow shoveling. I shall now think back to all that I learned from Bridget, and push harder! Chris

  5. Hello!
    my name is Brittany Fry and I live in Zanesville, Ohio. I stumbled across your blog here after I was reading another friend’s blog that had mentioned that they took their basset hound into their Lowe’s store and I decided to research this some more to see if this is more of a local type thing that is allowed in their local store or if it was something that is allowed all over the place. Anyways that led me to your blog when I clicked on the first article mentioning this. I have been wandering around you little corner of the internet for a little while here now. Your facility looks awesome! One day I am planning on opening up a doggy daycare, training etc. facility in our town. I am looking forward to reading your blog!

  6. Hi Nancy! I found your article “shutting your dog down” via facebook. I agree completely and this is a very important issue. I am a Finn, and I have Finnish friends who can’t understand English. Do you mind, if I translate your article into Finnish (either whole or as a summary)? I am sure they would appreciate this as well. I am now going to browse through your blog. Thank you.

    1. Hi Paivi,
      thank you and yes, just keep the content the same and my name and blog address the same. We have a translate button on the blog, but I know it doesn’t always come out with the correct meaning. All the best, Nancy

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