Rhumb & Story – winter time

The snow is here in the mountains, and my favorite time of year is right now, especially when it comes to photographing my dogs.

We all love to be outside working, but there is something magical and challenging about being able to capture them, and light, and moving snow, and a feeling of sorts.


Rhumb Line is now an official teenager. Scampy, opinionated, daredevil, a Kraken of sorts, a one dog wrecking ball, and around incredible. She is everything and more and we are having so much fun. Not to mention, I think she is gorgeous.


Story, my honest and true dog. He is fierce in work, generous with Rhumb, a friend to $eeker, and my guy. He was a gift from the day we brought him home, and now ten and half years later, I still feel the same.

$eeker is MIA from our recent snow photo sessions, he had better things to do, like anything accept being in front of the camera. Soon!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Marie Cook says:

    Love the first photo and colors it brought out – a little Twilight like…..

  2. Teresa Tanner says:

    Rhumbline is beautiful, love her coloring ~ where is Seeker?

  3. Teresa Tanner says:

    Rhumbline is beautiful ~ where is $eeker?

  4. seibertmj says:

    This series of photos really rocked my soul. Thanks for sharing their images as well as about their personalities.

  5. Millie says:

    Beautiful Dogs ….makes me want to get one …..and I’m leaning toward large dogs.

  6. mtwaggin says:

    Great shots Nancy and I’m jealous you guys have snow!

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