Dogs would never meet me if it wasn’t for their people setting up the appointment. So by the very nature of my business, I meet well-intentioned people that want to learn more about their dogs. And in turn I get to spend my days with dogs, the least confusing part of my life.

This is my norm more or less, and this is why I love what I do.

But every now and again, and not even yearly sometimes, a bad egg of a person seems to make their way to me, either in person, on-line, or via post mail, and it stands out, loud and clear.

I don’t consider any threat an idle threat, if someone by the nature of their words or actions put me into a fear response of fight, flight, or freeze, I call the police. Period.

REAL EXAMPLES – Here is an example of a bad egg, a pedophile that tracked our family for a bit in 2017. He found me through my articles, and I contacted the police immediately. These are the polite posts he started with –

RHUMB – Before Rhumb died in December there was a lot of bad energy that I couldn’t make sense of, other than it was there. Just to be clear, at this point we still do not know what caused her rapid and violent decline. I believe any answers I find will come in the form of eliminating what didn’t kill her. And there may truly never be a definitive answer. NOTE – There is still a toxicology lab being run right now.

This is simply just bringing some darkness out into the light, and sharing the synchronicity of the events.

IN-PERSON THREATS – Weeks before Rhumb died someone came to my property and threatened me, my animals, and my business. It was loud enough that neighbors came out to see what was happening. I called my other neighbors that are like family to make sure they knew what had happened, and it is now documented.

COMMENTS – My social media started to get odd, disturbing, and even threatening in December. I usually hide them from the public and wait to see how it plays out for a bit, and who the person is. Is it serious, someone just emotionally dumping, personal, crazy, or dangerous. I received a total of 28 comments from the same person, whom I don’t know, starting the day after Rhumb died until just after Christmas. NOTE – I had not made it public knowledge that Rhumb was dead.

This same person started to send me e-mail messages as if they knew me, and they were specific, so I can not share. The next day I blocked this person, and the following day there was no sign of this person on the internet anywhere. No social media accounts, no e-mail that was valid, nothing.

DRIVING AROUND TOWN – The day before Rhumb died my dogs were with me doing errands, Rhumb was my dog who would sit in the drivers seat and wait for my return. It was cold out but the sun was warm so I had my windows cracked. I looked at me receipts from that day and the time stamps, and then called those businesses to see if they could look at their video footage of the parking area during the time I was in the store. Two businesses had video footage and nothing suspicious, two businesses did not have video cameras in their parking area.

HAPPENING IN OUR TOWN – Two days after Rhumb had died, one of our family friends sent this over and told us to be careful. Again, nobody knew she was already dead.

REALITY – This has been leveling for us over the past 7 weeks, the medical and environmental possibilities, the acts, words, and real threats. It remains to be seen if any of these threats were connected to our Rhumb.

And the real reality is, I was not ready for My Rhumb to be a memory.

ADVICE – If you ever encounter a threat, any kind of threat, whether it is in person or on-line, tell people, tell everyone around you, and if it feels right, call the police. Never underestimate the power of someone else’ instability.



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  1. Kathy says:

    Nancy, I am so very sorry this has happened to you. I know you are a strong woman but I still am so sorry. You and your family are amazing people. I cannot express how deeply this saddens me to think something like this has happened to you. Stay strong. You are an amazing person!!

  2. prairiewindbcs says:

    Oh Nancy, I’m so sorry to learn of your loosing Rhumb. I’m at a loss for words and my heart goes out to you.
    I only had one similar happening during my training year, (e-mail threats) but it made me so fearful for the safety of all my animals.
    Keeping you, your family and animals in my prayers. Praying you find answers, can heal from this and remain safe.
    All my love and caring,

  3. Tracey Harrison says:

    This was gut wrenching, disturbing and frightening to read!!! Please be safe and Thank You for sharing this.

  4. Nikki Brown says:

    Wow. The only thing I can think of is that I am sending a lot of positive thoughts your way. To add to the support of those who are already surrounding you and your family. Can’t even begin to fathom what you all are experiencing.

  5. MaryDell says:

    Oh Nancy and family , that is so frightening. And I am so sorry you are going they this. It is just crazy and wrong

  6. Terry D Abell says:

    As a therapist who started by working hotlines, I agree this is def someone writing you for the purpose of getting off, contacting police smart. As for the other drama, I’m so very, very sorry you’re going through this. So frightening, being stalked can be horrible and traumatizing. Hoping you get some support dealing with this, both in figuring out how to put a stop to it and in coping emotionally.

  7. This is so sick that it’s hard to find words.
    I do hope with all my heart that the police identifies and finds this person before he can do more harm to humans and animals.
    This is a nightmare…

  8. Carolyn Stigar says:

    I can’t even imagine, Nancy, what you and your family have had to endure. Please know how saddened I am by all you have shared. We know that there are twisted, sick, and outrageous individuals that lurk amongst our loving, kind and angelic world. My hopes is that this disgusting piece of humanity is stopped, silenced, and put away with; and that they are unable to terrorize and cause pain to another good soul, ever again.
    Peace and Comfort……….

  9. Jerilyn Rich says:

    I am truly sorry about what is happening to you and your family. When we lived in Laredo (25 years ago), our Catahoula, Apache, was poisoned. It was a terrible time for us too and we never found out who did it.
    When we pray every day now, we pray for protection for our each other, our home, our properties around our home, our dogs, Kyleigh, Dottie, Doc, Jazz, Levi & Rosie, our vehicles, and that no predators can harm us or even enter our properties, etc. I will pray that the person(s) harming families & killing their dogs is found and that justice is served. As the person before you said “this is a nightmare” we will pray this nightmare ends for all. God bless you, Nancy.

  10. Cindy Taylor says:

    Nancy I am heart broken for you. This is not who you are and it is not what you deserve. Everything I know about my dogs I learned from you. I will always be eternally grateful for your teaching me how to get them started and on the right path which has paid off a thousand times. I’m sure Nancy Nation is surrounding you now with the love and support you need. You are a strong woman and you can get through this – just be sure to reach out for a hand up when you need it. God bless you…..

  11. Helen Melland says:

    Nancy – I have been saddened as I’ve read your posts chronicling the loss of your dear Rhumb. What a lucky dog he was to have had you for a human mom! And now this post about threats. I’m so sorry. You give so much every single day to the dog world and thus to everyone. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this darkness. Hang in there. I hope happy memories of your precious pup as well as your other dear animals and your family and friends are helping you through this.

  12. Tricia says:

    We are such a very sorry species, and getting worse it seems. Is it any wonder that we love dogs, goats, ducks, chickens, and so on? I hope things turn around for you, and that this person either gets help or held accountable.

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