The Office – part 9

Tick tick tick went the claws on the keyboard all day long. Phones ringing, packages leaving and arriving, reviewing new products, a busy winter day to say the least, and a Border Collies dream. The Office was hopping and happy.

Everything was as done as done could be by the time the sun went down and the moon came up, so Rhumb decided to officially unplug everything, put the ducks away, lock the gates, shut the doors, and prepare for the festivities of the night.

Massimo and Mama Beetz were so excited they could barely contain themselves, their first ever Holiday Winter Party!

Rhumb had prepared the canine cocktails with care. This was going to be special!


$eeker was known to be a teetotaler, consumer of all things good, a foodie, and really just a glutton for all things consumable! Rhumb decided to stand watch until the party began, which was a super good call on her part!

12 (1)

Mama Beetz decided to dress for her first big party, her punk brother decided he was too cool for that.

Mama Beetz didn’t really care, she was just too excited!


And then what did they hear? Wait …

Someone was trying to unlock the gates, open the doors, and rattle the windows. Commotion all around, what was going on?

Wait … what?

Story knew what was happening, knew who it was, and walked outside to greet his old friend the Holiday Wizard.

Massimo and Mama Beetz had no idea who this was so they hid behind the corner and watched. What was happening to their first party ever?

Who was this fat guy? How did Story know him? He seemed nice enough, maybe even jolly, but he was loud and had a lot of weird looking animals with antlers, and they seemed to almost float above the ground. What was going on, the party was waiting!

And then Mama Beetz saw him, the most gorgeous floating weird animal she had ever seen, well actually she hadn’t ever seen one until then, but all the same, he was it. She had to know more. What was this, who was this, did he have a name?

She mustered up as much confidence as possible and came out from behind the office corner. She whispered in her Uncle Story’s ear and wanted to know more about what was going on.

Story introduced Mama Beetz to his old friend the Holiday Wizard and told her that those weird animals were his eight flying Reindeer.

Wait… what?

Mustering even more courage Mama Beetz walked over and whispered in the Jolly Fat Wizards ear and said that she was so glad to meet him because he was an old friend of the family, but could he introduce her to the gorgeous flying reindeer, that one, the one right over there!

Ho Ho Ho, a laugh so loud and so deep it made Mama Beetz jump straight up into the air! What the hell was that for, she asked?

Ho Ho Ho, and again Mama Beetz went straight into the air but this time stayed there a bit longer. The Jolly Fat Guy watched in amazement, she was almost flying!?

There was something special about this one, but then he remembered that he shouldn’t be totally surprised, this was Rhumbs daughter, and he knew Rhumbs incredible talents, skills, and most of all her saucy, firey, and especially sassy nature. Really sassy actually.

Mama Beetz grew a bit impatient, everyone was just Ho Ho Ho-ing and talking it up, nobody was introducing her to the antlered hunk, so she walked over to him, jumped up so she could look him in the eyes, and told him that she was Mama Beetz and that this was their first Holiday party night, and invited him to join her.

He smiled at her with kind and understanding eyes, he had been training all year long for this one night of work he explained, the most important night of the year. But he wished her a Merry night, and said that maybe one year, when she was older, and a bit stronger, that maybe, just maybe she could join the Team.

Mama Beetz being a Border Collie understood work, and how awesome work was, and how much she loved lots of work, and important work, so she got it, and fell even more head over paws for this gorgeous flying creature who seemed to love work as much as she did.

In that very moment, she saw the Winter Wizard lift Story up into the sleigh and gently settle him onto the mountainous mound of warm velvet pillows and furry luscious blankets. Story explained that they had a lot of catching up to do, so enjoy the party and don’t wait up. Story had been looking forward to this night with his old friend all year long.

Just as the reindeer started to prepare for take-off into the night, they pawed at the earth in preparation for lift-off, cold frozen air exploded from their mouths with each huff and puff, and the anticipation and excitement was like electricity in the air.

Ho Ho Ho as they lifted into the sky. Massimo and $eeker decided to hitch a ride in the back of the sleigh, stowaways of sorts, sshhhhhh. All nestled in behind the big bag of goodies and the rest of the velvet pillows, warm and cozy, and nobody knew they were there. They had never seen the moon so up close, or the oceans so far below. This was going to be the best adventure of all!

Rhumb was having so much fun in the companies photo booth she had no idea what was happening outside. Cocktail after cocktail, bone after bone, fish after fish, photo after photo, this was the best party ever!

And to all a good night!

From all of the Sexy Beasts in The Office, we wish you the best this season – Nancy


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Auntysocial says:

    Oh my days and black and white dogs!! Beautiful 😀

    There’s something I can’t put a finger on but really love about collies and snow. One of my favourite videos is this featuring dogs at the rescue centre that woke up to a fresh white world of snow and briefly forgot all their troubles to go running and playing in it.

    Magic. Merry Christmas and lots of love to you all xxxx

  2. Nikki Brown says:

    Thanks for sharing this story. Great photos, too! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Marie Tanner says:

    This should be published!!

  4. Teresa says:

    I didn’t get an invite to the office party – maybe next year??

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      You have to work in The Office, and be a Border Collie … ❤

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