Stumbling Over the Truth

It isn’t hard for me to go about my day.

I don’t have the luxury to sleep in, role lazily out of bed, or hang in the kitchen and drink coffee. I kind of hit the ground running with chores, chores that I love and ones that give me purpose.

I have a list of morning chores that start the moment my feet hit the ground. Some are mindless manual labor chores, which I love, and others take special consideration and thought. But it gives me purpose the moment my eyes open. And honestly I love waking up knowing my animals, and gardens, and house need me.

Then there is work, all day long. Because I am a small business owner my work is what I have created for myself and those that work for me. It is challenging, creative, and fulfilling almost everyday. For sure there are hitches here and there, and some days better than others, but it is mine and I am grateful.

Then it is tending to my families needs, errands, cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, and everything else I am blanking out on right now. A tender trap of human chores that keeps us all doing what we are doing. I have learned over time that these chores, while not always a highlight, do mean that I have people in my life that I love, and that I would not trade for anything.

This is no love story to life, or my life specifically, but rather a stumbling over the truth of sorts.

What I am finding as I grow older with each year that passes, is somethings that I held to be my truths, aren’t the same anymore. I find myself stumbling over what I once thought was important that no longer is.

In fact I find myself stumbling over a lot of truths, a realization that maybe I held on to somethings a bit to tight.

I think age has a lot of benefits, as small things, petty things just float away, there is no longer space for them.

Seeing life with a much deeper light, a deeper meaning, on an intuitive level seems to just happen.

Which of course creates more stumbling, more truths, and more stumbling.

And then it starts to make sense, a clearing of the house so to speak.

Stumbling makes sense, letting go of some truths because they no longer serve.

And all the while the love from my animals and family is there, a constant. For sure we have conflict from time to time, and for sure not every day is perfect, remember this is no love story, it is the real story, but the base of our home is love for each other.

I guess it would be easy for me to go about my day and be consumed with it, it’s a busy schedule. But it is the stumbling that brings up truths, and makes me pause and take in the day, the experiences.

I am appreciating this process in a way, kind of a way to see life with clear eyes again and an open heart. And if I am being honest, which would be one of my truths, I think I stumble even more when one of my dogs is aging and stumbling along side of me. It brings me to a reflective space each and every time, and perhaps that is the point.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. syd says:

    Beautiful! I love this. Thank you!

  2. Teresa says:

    Purpose, belonging, giving love and feeling love are essential…walking and living in truths is what keeps us real

  3. I agree with you 100%. Thank you. Also, the pick at the top of this post is absolutely stunning.

    1. Poosahkie says:

      Agreed, and the picture is jaw dropping.

  4. Poosahkie says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Dayphoto says:

    You are so right. As for an aging dog…it is so hard to see and one whereby I want to stop the clock.

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