The Office – part 8

Everyone said that once Story retired, well he was going to have a great life, but The Office would take a huge dive without him. He was successful, honest, charismatic, a natural leader, and as true as they come.

But Story had a plan, and his plan included Rhumb Line.

Confidence in her abilities at first were low, after all she was a smart ass, goofed off, had a fair amount of sass-appeal, failed hard at every position she was put in, and pissed off too many to count, including the Jolly Winter Wizard.

Story saw something in her, he wasn’t sure what it was as most of the time she felt like a tsunami ripping through the office, but there was something. And with his belief, Rhumb took charge of the helm and never looked back.


It turned out that Rhumb was never a follower, an employee, and for sure not a cheer leader for others, she was a true leader and just needed a chance to shine.

Her creativity, fervor, and working prowess are that of a small nation. And with her enthusiasm for work, more work, some play, and additional work, amazing things have happened.

She has taken the Mother Company, polished it up, added a progressive element, made it stronger and more sustainable, and added a massive project over the past year. Based on her good looks, her talent, and her undeniable belief in herself, and for whatever reasons, it has been wildly successful! She is the very definition of moxie, maybe times ten.

Rhumb also took some time to have five children. Even though she had a wild and semi-feral youth, it turns out that she is also an outstanding mother.

Because she knows who she is and is comfortable in her own skin, she recently brought two of her children on board to help run the ever expanding empire. For sure these two are not for the faint of heart, but for their Mother Rhumb, well she knows them, knows they are going to be a lot to handle at this stage in the game, but will be just the employees to bring in even more creativity, more work, lots of work, and of course additional work. Work, the ultimate stoke in The Office.


Massimo is in love with being in love. He doesn’t have a clear direction yet, or skill set, he just floats, and none seem to mind too much.


Mama Beetz is her Mothers right hand and left paw everything. She works with the same level of intenseness as Rhumb, maybe a titch more, more gusto, pizzazz, and chutzpa for sure. Mama Beetz is currently not taking any crap from her brother, and thinks he should be pulling his own weight in the company, and that he is simply getting by with his good looks and a keen ability to disappear at just the perfect moment. She thinks of her brother as The Office ‘situation’.


Rhumb puts in extremely long days, conference calls, social media this and that, reading over new documents, proofing photos of herself, moving the ducks around, and then back to calls. She loves, as in L.O.V.E.S every minute, and the bonus, her family is working along side of her, well except Massimo, he kind of is and isn’t.


So What happened to the Senior Boyz at The Office?

Well when Story retired he thought for sure he was going to travel, maybe do some art, maybe model a bit, but he found his true passion to be a bit of hiking and a lot of hanging out as a construction slash junk-yard dog.

$eeker never officially retired, he just kind of drifted out of The Office one day and was later found in the construction slash junk-yard with Story. He seems happy with his new way of life – dirty, scruffy, and lots of dude time. He is still officially on the payroll, nobody has changed it, and everyone seems okay with it. $eeker doesn’t really care one way or the other.

On most days Massimo can be found with the retirees and thinks that his calling might be that of a construction slash junk-yard dog too. Mama Beetz thinks he is a jerk for even considering it, and even tried to tell him that it’s not a job but rather a life-style. Massimo isn’t buying the smack down talk from his sister, if it works for the Boyz, well it’s going to work for him!


On occasion The Office gets together, and right now they are planning their holiday party, stay tuned!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Dayphoto says:

    Great story! I loved that last photo!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      I will one day get one where they are all looking at the same thing, I am determined!

      1. Dayphoto says:

        You make me smile!!

  2. Summer Time Fun says:

    What ever you put in your spirit bowl is some good stuff, certainly got those creative juices flowing!! Somedays the gang is your muse and other “Office” post, I think you are talking about yourself or Spore, either way, I thoroughly enjoy the “Office” gang and their antics. The last photo is priceless ~ the gang is all here, almost!

  3. Summer Time Fun says:

    I read this post to Dad this morning, he had a great big smile with a chuckle now and again. As I was reading and showing him the pictures, others in the home gathered around and began listening all with smiles and chuckles. A light bulb went on ~ The Office series would be a wonderful children’s book series ~ please consider!!

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