when a piece of your heart …

I do not handle loss gracefully, in fact I go down hard and it takes me a very long time to come back.

I have always been curious what real lesson I am here to learn in this lifetime, and I am coming to understand that it is not about gaining more love, knowledge, or skill, but rather experiencing the letting go of what is most important to me.

Over the years I have experienced great loss. While loving all of my dogs, there is always that one that crawls deep inside the heart and grabs hold, even long after they are gone.

It is a connection that cannot be described in words.

I used to hear that time was a great healer, I am not so sure anymore. I believe as we age we gather life experiences, both good and bad, and really everything in between, and it makes us who we are. I would like to think, richer, deeper, more caring, and compassionate human beings. To love so deeply is to open your heart wholly.

I will love you purely
with all of the best intentions of my being
I promise to be receptive to the gifts of your love
to be a comfort and safe haven
to be your home the way a star is at home in the sky
to hold you close
to listen deeply when you are in pain
to celebrate your joy
to be sensitive to the words I speak
never to take you for granted
seamless, endless, forever…

…now it’s time to fly…

with love, Nancy

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