The two essentials for puppy ownership

What bed do I need, what training collar is the best, glass or ceramic food bowls, how big should the water bowl be? Things. Things are cool sometimes. Things make us happy sometimes. The act of acquiring things can make us feel organized or prepared in some way. Gifting things can make us feel generous….

the dog not of your fairy tale

I am somewhat sensitive to emotions, body language, and energy. Not just the human type, but all animal type, with the exception of reptiles. I don’t get reptiles and I am pretty certain they don’t get me. I don’t need verbal communication to get what is going on. While my title is professional trainer, it…

Band-Aid Behaviors … they simply don’t work

If you think dogs can be reactive, please note that they have nothing on us humans. We might be the most reactive species there is. Some of us more than others. And it doesn’t bode well for our relationship with our dog most of the time. Handlers that tend to be reactionary to their dogs…

growing behaviors, it’s a bit like silly putty

When you step up to the plate and start to teach your dog a new behavior, it should feel awkward, and a bit foreign, somewhat exciting, and for sure unformed and unrecognizable. You are growing a behavior, not harvesting the benefits of the behavior just yet. Growing behaviors is what I refer to as the DISCOVERY…

Training and Oatmeal, they have a lot in common

If you are good at working with another animal, teaching new skills, building complex behaviors, bringing words to fluent understanding, and doing so incrementally, for an onlooker it should be about as interesting as stirring oatmeal. Training should not be sensational. Training should not be about heightened emotions. Training should not be about entertaining onlookers….