The Sexy Beasts are now HERDING!

Every morning one of my Sexy Beasts gets to come out and do duck chores with me. I love it as it is not only one on one time for me with one of my dogs, but it is fun to have a chores partner. And then they get to tend to the ducks for…

Spring Snow

Dramatic weather, moody clouds, sun, snow, hail, and wind. It is all a spring thing! My ducks and dogs are loving it, as am I. I will never get tired of waking up to such beauty, such power, such life. Enjoy this spring – Nancy

Urban Farm lessons are not always easy

We have been doing fairly well this past month or so with keeping our ducks well fed, and well watered, and with a good wind free place to rest and hang out. We have been teetering between -15f to 40f. So each day we have to re-read the situation and the needs of the Ladies….

… and sometimes we get it right

Often times I get an idea for what I want to do, make, plant, design, write, or whatever,  and I do it. I am not one to dwell on ifs, ands, or buts. Sometimes I get it right and it feels super awesome, not gonna lie. Much of the time however it is an initial…

… and let there be light

The first gift from my husband was a pair of hockey skates. I was so in love at the time, that although a weird gift since I didn’t really skate or play hockey, he thought of me, so that was awesome. My second gift was a chainsaw, and I was still so in love at…