the Scent Project

 Balance … It’s never smelled so good!

I developed our line of scents to assist some of the dogs I was working with, I wanted to encourage a nice deep restorative breath. Whether it was stress, trauma, uncertainty or too much oomph. Both our human and canine clients have benefited from our blends over the past four years, and that’s what makes it for me!

We use the finest quality essential oils to create our blends. Light enough for canines and still pleasing for our human nose. From Mother Nature, through our hands, to you and your dog!

We have some awesome dealers from around the country that carry our products, and we sell all summer long in our local farmers markets. Some of our products are seasonal, so when they are gone they are gone until the next harvesting season. That is really how FRESH our products are! CHECK IT OUT

Cheers & Good Scents,
Nancy Tanner

One thought on “the Scent Project

  1. I would like to know more about this. One of my dogs is fearful of many things. Can you also include information on the possibilities of allergies to the ingredients? I surely would appreciate it. I looked around your site but didn’t see anything specific, but that means nothing, I am terrible at finding things! 😀

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