the Scent Project


The Scent Project is an extension of our garden, products for you and your dog.

We use the finest quality essential oils, oils, and hydrosols, and waxes, to create our blends. Light enough for canines and still pleasing for our human nose. From Mother Nature, through our hands, to you and your dog!

We have some awesome dealers from around the country that carry our products, and we sell all summer long in our local farmers markets. Some of our products are seasonal, so when they are gone they are gone until the next harvesting season. That is really how FRESH our products are! CHECK OUT OUR STORE!

Cheers & Good Scents,


  1. I would like to know more about this. One of my dogs is fearful of many things. Can you also include information on the possibilities of allergies to the ingredients? I surely would appreciate it. I looked around your site but didn’t see anything specific, but that means nothing, I am terrible at finding things! 😀

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Dogs ability to scent is astounding yet so many of us including trainers often neglect to include in our training this aspect because we are “vision” oriented. We often forget that dogs don’t see well actually. Some dogs are anxious and fearful in meeting new dogs and new people. For these dogs, counterconditioning/desensitization is the recommended approach. I agree but what if we could supplement this process. Counterconditioning the dog to lavender scent until the dog develops a conditioned emotional response to the smell and then have the introduction to dogs or people a scent oriented one. So like Jean I am wondering if there is a possibility of allergy to lavender ? Is there a difference in preparing lavender oil ? how about the quality of the oil, does that have an effect on the scenting ability of the dog ? Thank you.

    1. Hi Jul, yes pairing a scent that elicits calm with a good experience is the start of the process. Lavender, chamomile, hops, valerian, jasmine, are in the calming family. Lavender and chamomile are the two most common, and actually work on calming the nerves in the digestive and respiratory system, and when that is calm, a deep breath can happen … so this is why we choose to use lavender.

      An allergy to me is life threatening, a sensitivity is a possibility, but usually with a plant based non synthetic scent, you won’t even see a sensitivity.

      We use small farms, and large gardens from our state that are distilling small batches. I believe quality counts, so just check around, Mountain Rose Herbs is a great start.

      With animals, the important part is LESS IS MORE. micro droplets in a room, and not directly on an animal. If it is potent for you it is too much for your animals.

      THanks, Nancy

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