Paws & People Training

paws-and-people-logo Nancy Tanner is an internationally known trainer and the owner of Paws & People, LLC , est. in 2003.  She takes an  integrative approach to training, working with the whole dog.  All programs are designed to work with the social, emotional, physical and nutritional well being of each dog, whether people are training for competition, search and rescue, k9 avalanche work, or just wanting a balanced family pet.

Since 2005, Paws & People has specialized in puppy and adolescent development classes. These classes are creative, skill building, encourage body awareness through instability work, age appropriate socialization, handler knowledge of body language, with a focus on Team. All training is reward based.


If you would like to train with us in Montana, or book a workshop in your area, please CONTACT US



  1. Hi Mimi,
    please post it, that’s what they are there for, just make sure to include my name as the author. I’m popping over to read about Cassidy right now.
    All the best, Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy,
    By some odd chance, you know how that is, I came across your blog! I’m very excited, because I feel we share the same point of view on many things. I love dogs, and I agree with
    what you say in referring to an animal that has been rescued as “my rescue”. It always does seem as if somebody wants kudos for that. It is a living creature, not something for one to bolster their ego, right? I look forward to reading your blogs in years to come.

    Stacy Paruch
    Animal lover, seeker of best solution to pet overpopulation and anti cruelty law crusader, and oh yeah,occupational therapist!

    1. Hi Stacy. I’m guilty of saying “my rescue” a lot! My motivation is not so much wanting kudos for rescuing my sweet girl as it is wanting people to know that “she was like that when I got her.” It’s not wanting people to think that I failed in her early training, or did something cruel to cause her problems. Still all comes back to ego. Sad, isn’t it?

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