15 Days Old!

I have been super busy with our new litter, and posting daily over at Sexy Beast Border Collies.

Besides our daily work, daily chores, remodeling our home, training our packgoats, and now raising a new litter – life is good and busy and full of the tenderness of all the new little ones.

We are starting to have conversations with folks looking for a working dog, that are bred specifically for temperament, health, and biddability, and the sweetness that our lines carry.

Several have been reserved and are going to live the life of their heritage which makes my heart so happy!

We have three girls still available – #3, #6, and #7

If you want to watch the whelping box adventures as they mature each day, hear stories of their Mama, or stay up with me at 2am and chat while I trim nails – see you there!

If you are looking for a naturally reared border collie, please feel free to contact me, lets have a chat!

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  1. ruth barfield says:

    Hi, Nancy, What a joy to see these pups! I just read today’s newsletter and watched the latest video. I know they are a lot of work and concern but you must have a smile all day when being around puppies. Is there any chance that you would share one or two of the commercial raw food vendors that you like? I am considering switching to that for my Cairn Terrier (7 yrs) and my Golden Retriever (6.5 yrs). I’ve read your blogs for years now and considered raw food but, realistically, I don’t believe that I am ready for that kind of commitment. I’m a retired biologist and the opportunity for bacterial contamination is daunting. I’ve watched your prep videos…you are amazing! I’ve been feeding dry food recommended by their breeders but I’ve always topped it with cooked ground beef or chicken or fish, broth and carrots or green beans or Romaine lettuce or a small amount of bananas. Correct me if I am not remembering this but I believe you had stated that you didn’t believe the research, or lack thereof, concerning the taurine deficiency and heart issues in Goldens. One journal article that I read said the Goldens that they sampled actually had a low blood level of taurine compared to other dog breeds, no matter what diet they had been given. I don’t know any dogs personally who were diagnosed with this problem but am concerned about my Golden boy and just want to do my best for both of my sweet dogs. As always, I appreciate anything you can suggest. I truly value your opinion. I would be happy to participate in a paid consultation with you to help me decide what to do. Take care, my Friend. Ruth

    Ruth Barfield ruth.barfield@gmail.com


    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Ruth I sent you and e-mail, thanks, Nancy

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