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EACH MORNING I CHECK THE SITE – and there are between 209-300+ Teams checking in to the new post, then more throughout the day. This is super exciting, and lets you know there are other Teams out there working on the same skills you are each day – ENCOURAGEMENT from around the world for sure!

EVEN THOUGH I AM THE DESIGNER OF THIS CHALLENGE – I wake up each morning and before going outside to do chores in the pasture, my dogs and I go through the Daily Training Challenge.

Such a great way to start our connection for the day. psst – and Mama Beetz is due to have her litter right after Christmas so we are using this for daily conditioning as well! – MORE HERE

THE CHALLENGE HAS STARTED BUT YOU CAN STILL JOIN IN – You can still join in until November 27th – the Challenge will be up and available through the end of the year. This link is to our main store – you can pay/reg HERE

  • You will receive TWO downloads – please download them to your computer, and read first thing
    • They contain your GROOVY participation certificate
    • password
    • log-in
    • playing instructions

REMINDERS – This is an At-Home-Challenge, Self-Study – to assist Teams with creating really solid training habits while building art & skill with varying behaviors. There is no monitoring, to judging, no uploading videos. Easy Peasy Ham & Cheesy!

Starting on November 15th – a post will come to your e-mail, one each day for 30 days.

The posts will have a written description of the challenge, or a written and video example.

Each challenge will take about 1-10minutes. You of course can play with it for longer than that, but for sure plan on 1-10minutes.

These challenges are for BEGINNERS to ADVANCED – PUPPIES to SENIORS.

Share with friends and family – this is going to be super fun!

See you all soon! Nancy