We have GREEN!

So genetics with my ducks is a bit of a crap shoot.

Golden 300 hen + Blue Swedish drake = Rainbow ducks!

psst – the Golden 300 is a hen from Metzer Farms, and it is a propitiatory breed mix, meaning they don’t tell anyone the various breeds they used to create these amazing egg layers, BUT my guess is going to be that one of the breeds used was a Cayuga, as they are a blend of gorgeous iridescent colors, on black! Cayuga by the way are also amazing egg layers, so double yippee!

My other breed guesses in the Golden 300 would be – Khaki and Appleyard?

As they all mature, almost weekly I am seeing color changes. I haven’t been able to catch all of the colors, especially the purple iridescent flight feathers, but I am getting close.

The Blue Swedish drake, Henrietta, because I thought he was a hen as a duckling, seems to be staying a Blue Swedish color like his dad Alistair. Gorgeous gray/blue feathers, solid black, and brilliant white. The Blue Swedish is considered a heritage duck from the Belgium and Scandinavian area, Viking ducks, strong genetics for sure!

Here is my crew just a week ago in their first snow, playing in the mud puddle, living out their northern heritage. And, all of my summer ducklings are now bigger than all of my Golden 300 hens, these Swedish blends are BIG DUCKS, maybe even mini geese!

My Black Swedish however, are turning green, purple, and hues of blue, both drake and hen. They are gorgeous and every day I am so excited to go out and see what new colors await me!

None of the photos are retouched or edited in anyway. I waited for good sunlight, a pool party, and taking hundreds of photos hoping to catch some of the new colors.

… and as promised … a pool party!

I love going out into our pasture every morning. Everything about it – Nancy

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  1. Cindy Taylor says:

    Simply fantabulous!! Looking forward to your posts through the winter so I stay in touch with Bozeman.

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