Spring means LILACS

We are out and about doing this and that pretty much all day long, and loving every minute.

For sure we have aches, cuts, and bruises at the end of the day, but I consider that part of the job of building up an urban farm, and frankly I don’t really mind at all.

Every property we have owned and renovated or re-imagined, I have planted lilacs, not a few, but rather hundreds. I buy bare-root and plant them everyplace.

Our new urban farm came with about 8 lilacs, they are in full bloom right now, and the air in the yard has that delicious lilac scent, as in I can just do a face plant in these trees for a good long while.

About one month ago I picked up my order for 150 bare-root lilacs from our Seedling Nursery, it is part of a conservation program, for shade, wild life habitat, and wind breaks. Next year come this time, our property should be down right intoxicating in every sense of lilac season!

I love the color variations, the scent, and frankly they just bring me so much joy! One year I did make lilac sugar and candied lilac blooms, super fun to do but I don’t think I would do it again unless there was a special occasion.

Enjoy the beauty – Nancy


Common White Lilac – syringa vulgaris


Common Lilac – syringa vulgaris


Common Lilac – syringa vulgaris


Common Lilac – syringa vulgaris


AND – syringa vulgaris Krasavitsa Moskvy – white with blush under tones – GORGEOUS!


syringa vulgaris Krasavitsa Moskvy

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