Yesterday I learned something new

Censorship has hit the USA … again. This seems to be part of our history when someone in power is threatened by ‘other voices’, most of the time voices of reason, voices of common sense, and voices that challenge the narrative or lies being told. Someone in power doesn’t even have to be a person in politics, it can be the board of a powerful corporation, or a single person who owns a media empire, or anyone wielding a mountain of money. Power.

This is not new in our country, even though we are supposed to be, at least according the author Francis Scott Key, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But it is real, and it is happening.

Because of the three giants who are currently in power, and may their house of cards fall as soon as possible, agri-chemical, pharmaceutical, and big oil, our country is being slowly massaged, social engineered to accept what they are telling us is correct, good, and progress. Is it for better health and a healthier planet, or is it for money, monetary gain, and more power? I will leave that for you to decide for yourself.

Also keep in mind that one of these giants also holds the majority of advertising dollars for all media platforms, I think it is between 75%-85%, so do you ever wonder why you only ever hear one side of the story? Advertising pharmaceuticals in print, TV, and radio, even vaccines, which all carry risk and side effects, but you cannot do that with cigarettes, cannabis, or hard alcohol? I find this an egregious act. But they kind of own the narrative right now, again, house of cards cannot fall too soon.

Anyone who stands up or stands out and calls out the lies, the harm, and their ever increasing power gets shut up, shamed, or harassed, and quickly.

MY SOCIAL MEDIA – I post almost daily on my social media accounts, all things dog, human, health, food, medications, my duck adventures, and my almost out of the snow gardens. Life as I see it and feel it.

Keep in mind, just like my blog, my other accounts have my name front and center, it is me, every single time. I upload videos, post photos, short commentary, and articles I find interesting.

Yesterday, to test the new censorship rules I posted twice, back to back. Usually I get equal views when I do back to back posting. Most of what I post is scheduled out about a week in advance, and then daily stuff that comes up just gets put up as it comes in. So, which will get seen, which one hidden, and who will it bring into the conversation and why?

A post with photos sent in by one of my readers of her dogs vaccine reaction and now chronic skin condition, with an article link written by a DVM on why this happens. Super real, super informative, helpful to all of the dog people on my page and to learn more about vaccine adverse events. It has been seen as of this morning by 85 people – POST #1

The second post was from a blog I really like, it questions the pharmaceutical industry for what it is, a giant experiment. It is for sure not everyone’s cup of tea, it is a fairly damning publication, but in every one of their posts, there is enough information to hopefully spark someone to ‘want’ to read more, do more digging, have a healthy curiosity to learn more, even it it falls outside of ones comfort zone. It has been seen as of this morning by 1,820, and brought people to my page who have never once commented on anything else, never seen their names before, and it became confrontational with inflammatory bumper sticker sound bites and condescending emoji’s, oh for fucks sake – POST #2

Interesting enough, a handful of people ‘un-liked’ my page yesterday, and about 200 more started ‘following’ me. That has never happened before.

People seem to like conflict and controversy over something that is real and applicable. Flexing emoji muscles seems to be a big part of trying to entice or shame a poster, and some how it encourages others to do the same. Torches and pitchforks in the tech world!

Were my posts censored and shuffled in some social media algorithm? I don’t know, the post that was real and applicable to dog people was barely noticed by my readers, and the controversial post, well it was fodder for those looking to point fingers and shame, and brought people my way who were really unpleasant, and probably not on my page for the right reasons.

My social media pages are what they are, to post things, what I find interesting regardless if someone likes them or not, I have never purchased the ‘popularity’ card. But it is also my quiet space, my corner of the internet, and it is interesting and somewhat disturbing that people like to stir shit up. Truthfully, if you don’t like what I have to say or what I have to post, please move on, walk away, find a healthier hobby.


An excellent post with all of the studies to get you started on your journey to learning more about what is actually going down in our country, and nothing is hidden really, only hidden in plain site and masked with a truck load of marketing!  STUDIES Thanks to Jamie Lynn Juarez for compiling this list!


The very agency that is supposed to protect us has conflicts of interest ARTICLES

Here is to more open minds, it’s a good thing. And I do believe everyone’s voice is important, if something makes you feel passionate well stand up and stand out, really let that voice to heard. Change happens at the home and community level, so get involved. If you can dish it out, than be willing to take it for what you strongly believe in. This is how change happens.

While some people on-line try to make me shrink, and for sure I make mistakes, but I don’t downsized myself for someone else that is being less. Everyone who knows me knows this. So, be kind, have purpose, and stop using emoji’s to communicate your feelings – Nancy

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  1. Sherry says:

    Huh, interesting experiment! Cannot say I am surprised though. 😦

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      not an experiment, more of a curiosity … and i got to meet some new unsavory people too! yay!

  2. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on this Skeptvet character who seems to have become a bit popular lately.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      I think skeptvet, skepticalraptor, skeptmed, skeptvax, skepticalhamster, all of them are not worth wasting your time on … but you have to decide with what resonates with you.

    2. Nancy Tanner says:

      ps let me add – skeptvet is a disaster and I would bet paid for writing that blog – but all of the ‘skept’ blogs add what ever word you want behind that say almost verbatim the exact same thing – that ANYTHING outside of main stream is WRONG … you do the digging on all of that hot mess.

  3. Dayphoto says:

    I didn’t know you had other sites so I am off to find you!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Oh Linda I am all over the place! hahaha

      YOUTUBE –

      Nancy Tanner ARTICLES – you are here

      SEXY BEAST –


      WTWL FB –

      P&P FB –

      Nancy & Crew on INSTAGRAM –

      1. Dayphoto says:

        Oh Thank you so much, Nancy. Others may have left but you found me!

  4. Nikki Brown says:

    I am so very grateful for you and your tenacity! You rock!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      you and your crew are awesome – Nancy ❤

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