I have had a simple and noncontroversial coffee ritual for over 40 years of my adult life. Just a cup or two in the morning, that’s it.

Wake up

Open my eyes

Walk to the kitchen

Boil water

Grind coffee beans


Wait a few minutes

Pour into a cup

Take a sip

Get on with my day

MY DILEMMAS – The only hitch is that sometimes after the first few sips I get busy with my morning and set down my cup, forget about it for an undetermined amount of time, and when refound it is pretty cold.

And the only other hitch is that I am a professional dog trainer and I work outside year round in mountain weather, and a cup of coffee lasts about 2 minutes outside before it is cold or spilled.

And the real hitch I guess is that I am outside every morning doing chores, gardening in a zone4 environment, tending to our ducks, and everything else that entails, and coffee is just not practical to bring along, but it would be super nice on the super cold mornings.

SOLUTION – So my son who works in an outdoor retail store bought me the YETI 14oz RAMBLER MUG a few months ago. It is insulated like a thermos, has a sippy lid, and isn’t too small or too big, and comfortable to hold. We love YETI products in general so he thought this would be a great solution!

I was so excited about my new coffee adventure! The promise that if I set it down and forgot for a while, when refound it would still be warm at the very least, and it would make a great outdoor mug for work and chores. Win Win!

THE FIRST MORNING – I woke up, ritual in place, first sip before I walked out the door to collect duck eggs and do chores, and as the hot lava, previously known as non-controversial coffee, breached my lips and like a wild fire scorched my tongue, roof of my mouth, and throat. I spit out what I could, ran to the sink and held my head under the cold running water.

How naive of me to not take into account it was an insulted mug. My mistake, I would own my burns and suffer in silence, and go without tasting food for a few days.

LESSON NOT LEARNED – Rituals and habits are hard to break, especially when they have been in place for nearly a half of a century. I have always taken the first sip of coffee right after I pour it, but was learning, apparently not fast enough, that this was not only a bad idea, but came with consequences.

It was like waking up and french kissing a fire breathing dragon, and it didn’t get better with time.

TRANSITION – My ritual was being hijacked by a mug that looked benign, but in reality had become my morning enemy.

I started my days looking out of the side of my eyes at the mug on the edge of the counter, direct eye contact was hard. Trepidation, disdain, the ultimate betrayal, my morning ritual was changing.

THE TEST – I started to make two cups of coffee, one to sip and enjoy right after being poured, and one to take with me and fear.

My smallish cup was now known as my ‘kitchen cup’, and my YETI MUG was known as the ‘fence post’ coffee.

IT STAYS HOT – It is winter now, so far 0-12 degree mornings. I now set the YETI MUG on the fence out at Fort Duckworth while I toss out greens and fruits, fill the layer feed pan, dump out ice from the water buckets and re-fill, collect eggs, muck out the Quack Shack, and then haul and dump about 30 gallons of water into their swimming pool, and all the other general care. About an hour or so later, when I take a small break before going to work with the dogs, I can take a sip of coffee from my ‘fence post’ mug, and it is still hot.

LESSON LEARNED  – This mug has two temperatures – skin melting or normal hot. The longer you let it sit in freezing temperatures outside the more reasonable it is to use.

The YETI MUG is really a lesson in patience, or rather it weeds out the impatient ones.

RECOMMENDING THE YETI MUG? – Would I recommend it to others? Well it depends on if someone likes to gamble with a good game of ‘chicken’ with their mouth!?

I guess if your lifestyle is outdoors, you like drinking coffee outside in freezing temperatures, you have a fence post or two, and you have patience, then yes this is a good mug.

If you like waking up and enjoying your morning in the comfort of your own home, and enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee without putting on battle gear, than no I would not recommend it.

I hope this helps – Nancy


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa says:

    I have a Teavana travel mug that has a cooking vent. I open it right after pour and let it breath a bit and then seal it again. Tea stays north of warm all day or until finished.

  2. marie says:

    Nancy, You do find humor in some awful situations. I love it.

  3. Dayphoto says:

    I know….I’m sorry…but I LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!! Sorry. c

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