Canine Cocktails

I serve Canine Cocktails all year long, it’s my version of a super healthy concoction, and something special for my dogs, outside of their regular meal time.

During the Holidays I make it a bit fancier, because why not.

You can use glass or plastic glasses, your choice, you just have to know your dog/s, and for sure something you should supervise.



This is just a guideline because I am almost sure I have never made two the same way. I use what I have, what is fresh and in season, and what is nutritious for my dogs. And the important part, everything is raw, dried, or freeze dried.

I choose 3-4 ingredients per cocktail, and I make then once a week, or at least twice a month.


Raw edible bone

Dried duck or chicken feet

Freeze dried fish skin

Raw Sardine






Ice Cubes

Raw Turkey Necks

Raw Duck Necks

Raw Chicken Wings

Whole raw egg (farm fresh is best, with shell)

etc …

A fun and nutritious way to beef up health, and have fun making something special for your dog.


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