… and let there be light

The first gift from my husband was a pair of hockey skates. I was so in love at the time, that although a weird gift since I didn’t really skate or play hockey, he thought of me, so that was awesome.

My second gift was a chainsaw, and I was still so in love at the time that I thought, wow, a power tool of my own, weird gift, but awesome.

This continued for some time, years. Just weird random things.

Turns out I did use most of what my husband gifted me, in time.

But I also just started to buy myself what I really wanted, and then my gift would be my husband building it, installing it, fixing it, or whatever skill he had to make what I bought myself work. That turned out to be the best compromise ever.

Five years ago I bought myself a small inexpensive chandelier from a hardware store. I was needing some sparkle in my life, a bit of eclectic whatever, and I found exactly what I wanted. It was a super busy time for us and my husband just didn’t want to rewire the area of the house that I was thinking of hanging my new light fixture, so this box sat in my closet and acted as a shoe rack.

The running joke has been that when we moved I was going to hang a chandelier in every room, the barn, the sheds, everyplace, and maybe even find a pink one. If I couldn’t have one hung in the house, then the new house was going to have a bunch of them.

At our new urban farm I have found a place in every bay of the loafing shed that would be perfect for a chandelier, my new training studio, the hall way, the kitchen, and one of the bedrooms. It is like a ‘light festival of possibilities’. And I am really getting excited about finding a pink chandelier, I have also found a space where that would be perfect!

Last night we were all doing outside chores pretty late, and then I came in to make dinner. My husband was wiring Fort Duckworth so I could have a ‘yard light’ because the evenings are now super dark and I didn’t want trip and fall on my face.

After dinner he told me the lights worked and I should go try them out.

And there she was, all lit up. A pasture light-house, a beacon in the dark, a siren calling to me. After twenty four years, my husband finally nailed it, the perfect gift!


My Ladies of the Quack Shack had their very own yard light and my chandelier. It is literally the most perfect place for this chandelier and well worth the wait.


At night it is stunning.


But this morning, my heart almost melted watching the Ladies do their morning things at Fort Duckworth and looking at everything we have created for them in this beautiful space. Truly this is where this chandelier has belonged all along, the wait is what it needed most.


I am still uncertain if we are going to do what I believe is called ‘forced laying’, meaning providing artificial light to keep egg production up and going, but now, with style and sparkle, I won’t be falling in the dark on my face – Nancy

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  1. Summer Time Fun says:

    After watching the snowfall at night video with dad, he said “she is finally living her dream”. Each new improvement is more amazing and magical than the previous. You and Tom have raised awesome children, happy animals and are a solid team when you are working together. Congratuations!

  2. nadia hermans says:

    Thàt is a great chandelier !!!

  3. Soraya says:

    Bless your bit of Heaven💜💗

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      It is, I love spending time with the ladies, but the space is just awesome to be in for so many reasons!

  4. Nikki Brown says:

    Love this! Perfect place for the chandelier!

  5. Dayphoto says:

    I LOVE IT!!! My girls (two hens) get a red heat lamp and that’s it! Lucky are your girls!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Everything I have read about ducks is that they do not need heat, their body temperature is something like 107 degrees. They just need a place to get out of the wind – Hope all is well in Colorado! Nancy

      1. Dayphoto says:

        It is, Nancy! We are in harvest finally!

  6. Katherine Howe says:

    Absolutely wonderful!

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Mickey Maynard says:

    Awesome. This sure put a smile on my face. Can’t wait to come by and see you and all your improvements. Do you have any time this week? Missing you.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Mickey, I do have some time this week and next. I can show you around the outside and what we have done, the inside of the house we will not get into until the beginning of December so nothing to show you there. Or we could just go and have a cup of coffee and catch up? Let me know – Nancy

  8. Alison Hamilton says:

    That is AWESOME!! Absolutely the most elegant duck house I have ever seen!

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