A Family Affair

The Ladies of the Quack Shack have added so much to our day, and our lifestyle, and not a single person or dog is complaining. Our sunrise outings down to Fort Duckworth have allowed me to experience all of our incredible sunrises.


We have entered a bit of a ‘barter-trade’ relationship – I feed my ducks well and they give me eggs, I feed them even more good food, and they give me duck poop and dirty straw to compost into my gardens. It works for all of us.

My dogs are especially loving the duck chores, and are really showing me their herding prowess.

Rhumb and her pups, look how they work in-unison with each other

Mama Beetz and Massimo are really starting to build on their counter and clock patterns.

Rhumb is on a ‘hold’ and the pups are splitting to ‘flank’. This is so awesome!

Rhumb Line is so good at everything, and is my go to should one duck walk out of the gate, she is on it.

And my old Boyz just really don’t care, they are just happy to be a part of another day in the sun!


My ducks are brownish, and at first glance nothing spectacular. But when you get up close and spend some time with them, they are in fact spectacular and their feathers are magnificent!


Happy Days, Nancy

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  1. Dayphoto says:

    I love your photos, Nancy! And those pups!

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