Cleaning up …

We have been on our new property for a month now. It is not ‘new’, in fact it is kind of old, but new to us.

As I mentioned before it is a property that was neglected, dysfunctional, and so much hate left behind you could feel it.

Our goal first and foremost was to create a safe place for our dogs while we made the outside property safe with new fencing, gating, and cleaning up the trash that was left behind.

Well our new fencing is finished and awesome. Our gates, well I have a gate ‘thing’ so I kind of do a happy dance every time I use one.



The trash and what was left behind has proven to be a whole other monkey. Each load we take away is around 2.1 tons, that is the weight we get at the dump not just a guesstimate. And each time we get a load out, it is like the earth erupts with even more.


Our dogs have not been on the entire farm yet as we are still getting glass out of the dirt, and sharp metal objects. The areas we do have for them are now green, water helps, and have been reseeded in hopes of a thicker grass for them to run in.

So when people say, ‘oh I bet your having so much fun decorating your new home’, I laugh a lot. It isn’t that type of property yet. We haven’t even unpacked into the house, everything, my clothes included, still remain in a semi trailer.

When we do get into the house it will be gutted, drywall and all, as it is a reflection of what was done, or not done, with the outside, neglect, dysfunction, and a heap of hatred. I do have some awesome plans, supplies ordered, colors chosen, flooring, kitchen, all of it, but those are going to be a winter thing, as the outside is more than we had originally thought.

We have added over 100 yards of screened top soil, 30 yards of amended top soil with compost, 200 pounds of grass seed, put together 10 garden boxes (8′ x 4′), added a floor and shelves to the three bay loafing shed, and refurbished and painted the laundry line, obviously!



Every day there are projects, just like on any farm, big or small. We are loving that there is so much to do, it suites us for sure, but most of everything is still cleaning up the shit mess left behind.

Like most of the mountain area we have been socked in with smoke, so that hasn’t helped my vision for our new place, until yesterday, when the smoke cleared out for a bit, blue sky, and an incredible view of the mountains from our pasture was right there, it truly took my breath away.


So we are all getting stronger, learning how to do new things, like re-screwing/washering a metal roof to make it water tight, and so on. Every day gaining new skills. There are no small projects yet, they are all big things.

As for my dogs, well they are learning a new area, new routine, new flow and movement of an area, new smells, new dogs, new people, and the horses next door. And in a month, besides all of our work we are doing, they have experienced a lot, good and not so good, but are true troopers.


Everyday there are workmen, construction noises, wasp stings to the face, rehab from shoulder surgery, limpy legs, bloody toes (until we found all of the buried cement posts and had them pulled out), and on and on.



The puppies treat this property like summer camp and are ready to GO as soon as they wake up and look forward to all of the adventures. My older dogs are starting to settle in but not fully yet.

So cleaning earth, that is what we are still doing, and lots of it, because planting garlic before winter is just a couple of weeks away and that will be our first crop on our new farm! … Nancy


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Summer Time Fun says:

    The passion you and Tom share for the land and projects is truly remarkable. What you both accomplish together is so very impressive.

  2. Janet Rolfs says:

    That piece of earth I am sure is rejoicing in its rebirth. I know from experience. So happy for your family, dogs, and that piece of earth. 🎉🎉

  3. Cindy Taylor says:

    So happy to hear someone talk about WHAT THEY ARE MEANT TO DO! In a world full of complainers who feel endowed, this is a fresh look at the hard work you face – but you face it with appreciation, determination and plain grit. Sending you my thoughts and prayers for a fabulous outcome and a home you will love forever…….

  4. Janet D. says:

    I feel a great appreciation for what you are doing for your little patch of earth – I’m sure it’s breathing deeply for the first time in many, many years. Thank you for taking time away from all the projects to share it with us!

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