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I would have to say that I am never lacking for anything productive to do, even unproductive for that matter. With my training business, biodynamic garden business, my dogs, my kids, and our daily going-ons , life is full.

But I have been wanting a change, and I think I have chosen to take our lives as we currently know them and toss them upside down, backwards, and then right side up again. Hopefully we won’t be too dizzy when we finally hit ground again.

We are moving to a small urban farm, and we will be renovating from top to bottom, for a good long while. The potential is there, you can feel it, it is just going to take getting in there and doing it. From gardens to pastures to house to out buildings, it all needs a lot of work, some demo type stuff, and some, well a lot of freakin’ TLC.

I want my training business both indoor/outdoor once again, and a larger garden, orchard, and herb area. So many ideas and now space to make them real!

My first wedding gift was a chain saw, it has seem some cool projects over the past 24 years, but none as big as this.

Last night the adventure began, for real. We had 30 sheep delivered to our pastures, around 9pm, in the rain, and their only job for the next month is to eat, drink, and eat some more. As is with all of our properties in the past, we prefer mother nature doing the majority of all of the work.

They will munch down everything that has been growing for the past decade, grasses, leafy spurge, thistle, sticky vines, all of it sans cheat grass, that we will hand pull later on.

So, here we go … the next chapter – Nancy



  1. Oh my! That is exactly what I want to do someday. I bet the dogs will spend many enriching hours learning to herd sheep.

  2. Those are some happy grazing sheep ~ Your strength and courage are remarkable, there are no task too great for you and Tom.

  3. You and Spore are amazing. What a grand a Adventure. And sheep already…wow…so much to think about there. We’re off to Seeley Lake camping…back Friday so we’ll miss morning classes. I’ll try to get us over for Sunday play group. Have a great week planning, dreaming and doing!

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