Valentines Litter – they have arrived

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Hi Everyone, our Valentines Litter arrived pretty much right on schedule.

Rhumb did all of the work along with Mother Nature, I just changed out towels and pads when needed. She is my hero forever and more.

Today was their first full day on terra firma, and they did awesome.

Here is a LINK to the full article over at our breeder site – with lots of super yummy photos!

Please Welcome to the World five Sexy Beast Border Collies – Nancy



  1. Congratulations Nancy, what a great journey you are on. Lucky puppy’s, lucky Rhumb,lucky you. I’m grateful the birth went so well. Best Valentines gift ever!! Connie

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  2. Your puppies are adorable. Thanks for sharing so much. Are you getting anything done? I bet it is hard to leave them. They are growing up so fast.

    I have been so distracted with company, new house, Sarah and Ed. He has been fighting a kidney stone. He will have a procedure on Thursday if he doesn’t pass it first.

    Tassie and Finn are great. Saw Ann, Dennis, and Kelpie on Sat in Big Sky. Dogs had a nice walk/run and play time.

    Missing you. I hope to get my act together soon and really need a private with you, please oh please. Yes I am begging. Let me know if you have any private slots available this month.



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  3. Your puppies are adorable. I see that you are inviting friends over for a greet and meet. Any chance that I could come on this coming Thursday. ? Would love to meet them. I love your puppy gym too. I bet that you want to spend every waking moment with them. Are you keeping one?

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