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I have taken some time off from writing, not because I didn’t want to write, but because life had other plans for me.

This summer was packed with puppy classes and gardening from sun up to sun set, there was no slowing down the clock on this.

But on the business side of the picture we were filled with so much unusual conflict, things we had never experienced before in our office. So it kind of through me for a loop, and I feel I just might be stepping off this crazy ride, and that feels good.

A person, pedophile, freak, creep, what ever you want to call him, attaching himself to my blog with super sexually explicit comments, caused wordpress to tell us to contact the police. So we had Federal Investigators subpoenaing my blog and all unpublished comments and tracking said person.

That was one lovely experience.

We had an unusual summer with a client base we had never experienced before, where I became more of a cruise director for peoples activities, personal scheduling, and make-ups, unlike ever before, and for the first time in my career I didn’t feel like a trainer. This of course wasn’t everyone we worked with, but oddly about half, so it was unusual. Our posted schedules meant nothing, and accommodating trips, yoga, dinners, and wine tastings became the norm. Note to anyone reading this, if you ditch a class or private appointment, and expect a make-up, and then tag us in your travel photos … well you know where that is going.

So we changed some things this fall. I love being a Trainer, and there is a reason I don’t work on cruise ships.

We had a claim made against us, the claim was denied, thankfully, but it is a weird feeling to have been in business for fifteen years, run our business ethically and with integrity and be up front with each of our clients, and then have someone threaten us with public slander because we didn’t accommodate their needs over our policies. It hurts, as my business is an extension of the very thing I love, working with dogs and their people, hence the name of our business, Paws & People.

Our policies have always been there for a reason. We have now had to add new ones, kind of like the ‘warning: coffee is hot’. We had to because we learned something new about people and their choices this summer.

We had our phone lines merged, this means we are being listened too, tapped. I wrote two articles that pissed off a large corporation, and so now who ever it is, Larry, Mo, or Curly, listens in whenever they like. Hi guys, hope you like what you hear, cheers from us!

If you know anything about pissing off large corporations, you know this is common, doesn’t make it easier to digest, it just means, this is not uncommon.

So, I took some time to focus on what I love. My dogs, gardening, health, and my family. The world is changing, my state is changing, my town is changing, and my household had changes. I might just be a bit behind in catching up, fitting in, or understanding. I thrive in a kind and honest environment, not too exciting, not too boring, just kind and honest. And this summer was not that.

We have this saying in our household, ‘if you can change something, change it, if you cannot change something you need to change how you feel about it.’

I am choosing change. Change of my own making.

I went to my YouTUBE channel and did a bunch of work on there this summer, I did a daily series for all of August, and really enjoyed that creative outlet. I also started a DIY series for our ‘do-it-yourself raw feeders’. I have enjoyed the process immensely.

My Facebook pages have also seen a lot more of me this summer, I have been posting, building community, listening, making friends, and enjoying the interactions of honest and intentional people. My Paws & People page has some of the coolest people in world on it, I am grateful.

My garden grew and we had a great summer with healthy dirt, and abundant food.

My dogs are happy and healthy and aging well. They are an extension of everything I love.

My family continues to learn more about health, and our knowledge deepens.

We are moving towards moving in the direction of self sustaining, in our home and business, and we made a trip to New Mexico to check out the Earthship communities. How cool would it be to have a training center, self sustaining, that when you walk in the first thing you feel in the space is ‘being nurtured’. I think this would be incredible for dogs and their people. For learning, healing, and just feeling awesome about life.

We have our green houses up for the rest of fall because of the snow, as we are still growing our herbs. Snow and still growing, this is a win-win.

And that is all for now … I will continue to write with honesty, integrity, and un-apologetically, my conversations from me to you. Nancy




  1. Glad you are back. Enjoyed the videos as well and still go to your channel when I am like “how do I train that”. Pause is always good to then come back with more joy.

  2. Wow, Nancy, I had no idea this was happening. There are definitely some crazies in this world.
    On another note, thank you for sharing, thank you for teaching. I truly would love to be a fly on the wall in your house, I continue to learn so much from you. Also, I am definitely going to instill that mantra into my own household. That is a saying by which everyone should live.

  3. I’m glad you’re back to writing Nancy, hence I’m just starting to right now after so many years of being out of school. I am need blogging and I’m trying to write about my service dog whiskey, how to train your own service dog basically. Thank you for a nice article I will enjoy following you. Sincerely Tim

  4. Wow. Here I thought WordPress was such a nice place, not many weirdos around here… guess not. Yeah, people are nuts sometimes. Doesn’t help me with my cynical attitude, but that’s what dogs are for, right? My goose, she brings me out of myself and makes me laugh. (Her name is Brèagha, but her nickname is goose because she’s a silly goose.) Now if only I could harvest her energy for myself, it would be better than all the coffee in the world. Wouldn’t taste half as good though. 😉

    1. wordpress was actually great about it, they reviewed the comments coming in that I left unpublished and they said that it was a police matter and then forwarded to me all of the info for the police in order to start the process forward. AND wouldn’t we all love to harvest the energy of our dogs, the world would be a better place for sure!

  5. Sorry, one last thing: I hope you don’t mind a suggestion for a future post or video, but, I would love to hear your thoughts on training and using dogs for personal protection. I don’t know what to make of it, kind of confused about it actually, especially as to why a dog VS a weapon, but maybe that’s because I am ignorant about it and need to read more about it.

  6. Nancy, I have enjoyed your postings for a long time. I did miss you this summer, and I’m sad to hear of your struggles. Thank you for sharing them so openly and honestly, and thank you for continuing to do all the things that you do best. I wish you a happy autumn!

  7. Nancy, I’m so “bummed” (nicest word I can use in print!) that you and your family have been going through all of this. It sounds like you have some lovely options that will help continue to nurture your souls. You are truly a blessing to so many on this earth, and we need more people like you.

  8. We’re so sorry you’ve been going through this. Decades back, I had to deal with sex offender in a professional capacity, and can remember just how sick I felt throughout that experience. I love that you are not just embracing change but driving it. It’s the best way to get your power back. Our thoughts are with you, Spore, the kiddos and canines.

  9. So very sorry to hear about such crazy people crossing your path and making awful trouble for you and your family. I love everything you write and you melt my heart all the time with your great kindness. Loved your videos this summer too, they were so much fun. Glad your back to writing looking forward to lots more from you.
    Wonderful words to live by:
    ‘if you can change something, change it, if you cannot change something you need to change how you feel about it.’

    Thank you for all you do!

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