compassion, dirt, and feathers

Children need flowers

they need dirt to play in

plants to munch on

while sitting in the sun and rain and wind

Children need to touch the earth with bare feet

to feel the wet grass the dry earth the heat of the sidewalk

to feel the early morning sun on their face

and to sit in the glow of the moon and watch the late night stars

Children need to look into the eyes of another living being

to touch feathers

to caress fur

to feel a lick on the nose

or the weight of a sleeping kitty on their chest

to exchange breath nose to nose

to hold a little one in the palm of their hands

to hear a purr or bark or chirp and know it was meant for them

a call

a call to the heart

from heart to heart

Children need to experience love life and loss with those we share the earth with

with no expectations other than what their heart tells them

to connect and have friendships

to laugh and enjoy

to mourn

to remember

This is the place where all compassion is born from

where kindness is grown

where understanding is nurtured


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Teri says:

    the clarity of thought in the early morning hours is a gift to all. thank you for this ditty. love you me

  2. Nikki Brown says:

    Another one for a huge poster! 🙂

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