Okay Mother Nature, now you’re just showing off … mud and snow

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I work with my dogs in all weather, if they don’t mind, neither do I. Some days are for sure more enjoyable than others, and some days are just so perfect, there is no need to ever go inside. But we are always grateful for the fresh air, and whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

And then you have days like today, where in the last week of April it is snowing but mostly melting as soon as it hits the earth. The grass is trying to grow while the garden herbs are confused and not sure what to do. And the mud was pretty much bubbling out from the center of the earth, the puddles just continued to grow by the hour.

I think we all tip toed into the slop, known as my yard, and we played politely for about three seconds, and then it all broke loose. Once mud splatter hit me in the face, and the dogs had mud dripping from their underbellies, well it’s kind of like we all dove in.

Today was maybe one of the most fun, and easily the messiest work session we have had in a long long time.

And as always there was a certain beauty to being covered in dripping thick earth and melting snow. Nancy








  1. Gosh, what fun. Are those border collies? I have a friend who has raised them for 30 years. Did you read about that retired 80 year old research psychologist who has spent the last ten years documenting his border collie’s understanding of 2000 words? Both of them were pretty amazing in my view.

    1. Hi Cindy, yes all of my dogs are border collies. Yes I believe you are referring to Chaser and John Pilley, and what I love about their story is the only reason she has a 1,022 word vocabulary is that he got old and didn’t want to work with Chaser any longer, otherwise he said she would know way more!

  2. Love, love, love the photos! This is what Koani looks like after playing in my yard in the morning, when the grass is still wet. Now what I want to know is how to you keep it all from coating everything in your house! 🙂

    1. HI Nikki, HA we have lots of ‘earth dust’ as I have so kindly named it, in our home… During mud month we are wiping down and sweeping nearly everyday… I hope you are well! Nancy

  3. I know this look well! My pup often comes back from our walks looking like this and actually is quite used to our shower now! Whose idea was it to get an ‘apricot’ coloured dog!

  4. I don’t know anyone that enjoys all the seasons no matter what. Any dog or kid would love to live at your house.

  5. Dear Nancy,
    we don’t know each other in person, but I need to let you know this now: I have been following your blog for about half a year now and I just needed to tell you that you are such an inspiring writer and person. I love, love, love the way to interact with your dogs. And the way you write. You’re a poet! Thank you so much for being such a great source of inspiration and hope for me. The way you talk about and interact with animals, it gives me hope for mankind.
    PS: I also have a Border Collie, she just turned 1 today. I constantly watch your training videos for inspiration and advice! They are so helpful. Thank you for your work … I would come to your dog training facility instantly if I lived in Montana. However, I live in Germany …
    All the best from Germany! 🙂

    1. ❤ Hi Kazuko, well what a lovely message to wake up too.

      You have some great trainers in Germany that I have the privilege to work with on our World Treibball League, if you ever need a reference for your area, let me know – Nancy

  6. That’s great! I live in Leipzig, Saxony. But I originally come from Nuremberg, Bavaria. So if you happen to know any good trainers from those areas, I would love to find out! Thank you and have a great day 🙂

  7. Hi Nancy,

    We are based in Alabama and we have 2 Border Collies and they are so playful and beautiful.

    I have been coming past your blog many times but never left a comment. I love the last picture with the “bean-pot” worth Gold that shot 😉

    All the best and keep it up.

    Sabrina & Michael.

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