Smoothies for your Dog – here’s to better nutrition

say it how it is – series

Bottom line, you need to make choices for your dogs nutrition based off of research you have done, not the marketing you are being spoon fed. Keep in mind the dog food business is worth something like $52 billion a year, you can bet they hire the best of the best marketing firms, and you can also safely bet that it is about profit over health.

While there are a couple commercial dog food companies I like, it has been through exhaustive research, reading, watching, and reading some more.

The rule of thumb is to aim for the best possible kibble, or organic gmo free canned food, raw commercial meals, freeze dried raw patties, or a homemade cooked and/or raw diet.

The initial price tag might make you freak out just a little bit, BUT the reality is you will either put your money into optimal nutrition, or painfully expensive health issues. Choose where you would like to spend your money, and then be okay with that.

No matter what you feed your dog, augmenting one meal a day with an extra boost of nutrition is a good idea. Why? Because our dogs live in the same world we do, and we know all to well about the lawn chemicals, chemicals and off gassing in our homes, air toxins, fluoridated and chlorinated water in our tap, and the degradation and manipulation of our food supply, not to mention gmo’s being hidden in a little bit of everything.

So, boosting nutrition is a good thing, adding bio-available nutrients is a great thing, and it is simple, and creative, and easy. This is my sample list, your list might look a bit different based on your knowledge and experience.

AND, I just prefer to do things for my dogs that I know are healthy and loving. My semi-selfish act.


The following are ideas of things you can be adding to your dogs diet. You know your dog, I do not, so choose based on your knowledge of your dogs health needs, age, size, and breed. If you are uncomfortable trying new things for your dog, than please don’t use this, you can move on to another read right about now …

These are sample recipes, suggestions, you can mix and match based on what you have and what your dog needs. I use a NutriBullet, you can use a Ninja blender, whisk, or just whip with a fork.


bone broth – water – whole fat plain yogurt – raw apple cider vinegar


chlorella, chaga, reishi, tumeric, coconut oil, black pepper, garlic, DE, spirulina, camelina oil, Inflapotion or herbal aspirin , milk thistle


dandelion leaf, kale, chard, banana, melon, apple, blueberries, raspberries, parsley, romaine lettuce, pear


whole egg plus shell – yard or farm raised with no gmo is best, organic store bought second best, please do not use if store bought from a factory (especially not the shell)


These recipe ideas are for a medium 35-55 pound dog, adjust to your dogs needs, and keep in mind these are not rules, but rather guidelines that are uber flexible. AND I never feed the same smoothie day in and day out, I rotate for seven or more days, before repeating. Variety is important. The only single ingredient I use everyday is DE, for micro minerals and parasite control. – Enjoy and here is to better health for your dog – Nancy


1/4 c water

1/8 c whole fat plain yogurt

1 T DE

6 chlorella tablets (read your label)

whole egg with shell

blend and pour over meal


1/4 c bone broth

4 dandelion leaves

1 T DE

1 tsp reishi/chaga blend

blend and pour over meal


1/4 c yogurt

1/4 of one small banana

2 T blue or raspberries

1 small kale leaf

blend and pour over meal


1/2 c bone broth

1 T coconut oil

1 tsp tumeric

pinch of black pepper

1 chard or kale leaf

1/4 clove of garlic

Blend and pour over meal


1/2 c bone broth

1/4 c parsley

4 dandelion leaves

6 chlorella tablets or a pinch of spirulina

Blend and pour over meal


1/2 c melon

1/4 whole fat plain yogurt

1 T DE

1 T raw apple cider vinegar

1 T camelina oil


1/4 c water

1/4 yogurt

1 whole egg plus shell

1/4 tsp Inflapotion

1/4 pear (sans seeds)

1 T DE

4 dandelion leaves


1/2 c bone broth

1/2 leaf romaine

1/2 leaf kale or chard

4 dandelion leaves

1/8 c parsley

1 apple slice (sans seeds










5 Comments Add yours

  1. Nikki Brown says:

    What great and helpful ideas! Thanks so much!!! Some of this items I’ve never heard of before, but now I have much more research to do. You are always teaching me, Nancy.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Nikki, always good to hear from you, Nancy

  2. Diane halford says:

    What is DE?

  3. Ella-Kate says:

    Thank you Nancy!

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