Dogs, their rules, snow, and hearts …

It’s early yet, not quite winter, but we have snow, a solid hard frost, eighteen degree mornings, and that yummy feeling of wanting to be in the kitchen making delicious savory anythings, and sipping strong hot black coffee. And every year, there are two things that happen that truly clarify summer is over, and my garden is done, whether I want it to be or not.

The rain barrels freeze, for real freeze.


The snow shovel comes out, stays out, and is used almost daily. It will hold this space for the next eight months or so.


I love to feed my dogs raw heart for breakfast, but on the colder mornings I warm it up a bit, while still leaving the inside raw, with a titch of olive oil and garlic. I love doing this for them, but I think they love that I do this for them, because the hearts are gone as quickly as I put them down. And the house smells amazing all morning long.


Someone recently asked me if my dogs have rules amoungst themselves. Yes I am sure they do, much of that conversation I am left out of though, as I don’t speak dog. But you can for sure see things that play out, are well thought out, planned in advanced sometimes, and there seems to be a mutual understanding.

For example – If $eeker is eating, Rhumb can walk over and politely share his plate or bowl, and there is no conflict, it is mutual. It I set a plate or cutting board down for them to clean off and they start together, they share nicely and no conflict. If however Rhumb is eating and $eeker even gestures in her direction, not even a step, she stares at him with such intensity, you can feel it melt your skin away. Nothing to misinterpret there.

Story has his own rules that have been in place since he was ten weeks old, he made them for himself, and every day he is the same. He lays in the same place and waits for his food, no other dog has ever tried to push him or walk towards him while he eats. He has never had to stare, raise a lip, or correct, other dogs just don’t. This is truly how solid he is, all dogs just know.

My male dogs seem to be set in their paths, their rules for themselves early on. My females however, change their rules each day, make up new ones, maybe make up ten new ones, and then decide to change the new rules if their is something they want, or if there is something else that would work better.

Male rules seem to be somewhat static with a dash of flexibility. Female rules seem to ebb and flow, and flip flop, sometimes spiral like a tornado, and every so often feel like a train wreck of sorts. But they get it, the dogs around them get it, and they aren’t bothered by their ever changing rules book.

My boys, as smart as they are, have always given way, or space, to my females. Human men, take note, you just might learn something valuable here. We are all mammals after all!

And then who doesn’t love green, and snow, and a sexy little dog photo…


Have a great day, Nancy

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  1. mtwaggin says:

    Such great photos and I have found the same with the rules by gender in our house. Must be those hormonal girl things! LOL I’d say I probably fall in that category too and now we have a bit more understanding of the males that think we are weird. ❤ to you on this super chilly morning as the snow is gone here but the frost is still laying in the shade. My shovel isn't out! Yet…..

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