Running Parallel

She is My Perfect. My Rhumb Line.


A sexy disaster.


She is a hard hitting working dog, tenacious, intense, and determined.


When she is with the ones she loves she is as tender as they come. She is my eye gazer, up close and personal, right to the very being of who you are.


She is that perfect mix of petite with a giant personality.

She is pushy.

She can be intolerant.

She is purposeful.

Independent to the bone.

She is edgy and playful.

She is funny and dark.

Her spirit is deep and full.

Fast like lightening, and she knows it.

Our lives are running parallel for a while, we are sharing this adventure together, this is my perfect. And we somehow both know this.



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  1. Teresa says:

    How beautiful the two of you have each other and a deep understanding

  2. Jean says:


  3. maggielandry says:

    Tears… oh that really hit home. So beautiful your words. My friend just lost her perfect. Sully has gone ahead for awhile. Treasures beyond measure our perfects.

  4. Darci says:

    You both are lucky to have this relationship.

  5. Laura says:

    This is beautiful ❤ What a lovely bond you two have.

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