seeds and dogs and and and …

I get so excited in the mornings during gardening season.

To water or not? To check the soil or pull weeds?

Eat some raspberries when passing by, nibble on some sweet basil, eat some more raspberries while I look for my dogs toys that must be in the yard someplace?

Picking some cucumbers, parsley, and a couple of early apples for fresh garden juice! This almost makes me skip back into the kitchen because there is nothing that feels healthier, and more delicious than garden goodies freshly picked and then consumed. I can feel my body absorb all of the goodness from these plants grown with love.

Rhumb is my irrigation specialist. Story holds the Earth down and waits for play time. $eeker follows me every place I go, he has become an invaluable garden manager, for which I am grateful most of the time. He has pointed out the voles family home, and alerted me to on coming skunks. He is very good at what he does.

But one of the garden seasons that I think is over looked is the ‘seed collecting season’. I look forward to this time in my garden as much as harvesting edibles. It is my time to collect from the plants I love, and assure a new harvest for the years to come.

We have been planting and re-seeding from the same plants, with some new additions over the years, since 1997. Our original seeds were from my wedding bouquet, which re-grows each year. That wasn’t my intention, it just kind of happened that way. Our gardens are bio dynamic, we grow our own green manure, and sometimes add animal manure, and everything is planted here and there in a companion perma culture way, and the soil is layered not tilled. We are chemical free, use as much rain water as possible, and only city water when we have too. We have no GMO anything, as I am vehemently opposed and do not support that industry. So a garden by love, by design, by intention, and with a shit load of sweat equity.

At the end of 2015, for the first time ever, we decided to add seeds to our on-line store. We had jars and jars of seeds, small seed packets we made from recycled magazines, and we woke to an amazing response. Seed savers are every place, and they are super cool people, and all trying to do the right thing. We sold out of almost all of our 2015 seeds, just one jar remaining.

We are busy collecting and drying right now, and hope to have our store back up in a month or so. STORE

So enjoy, it has been a great morning ~ Nancy















4 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa says:

    this property, this home, this family…..all built with love

  2. Teresa says:

    Nancy, there are several senior friends who do not use the computer but look forward to your stories. I print and mail your post to them. They tell me your stories bring laughter, joy, provoking thoughts and gentle love. Your post are a gift to those who have been marginalized in this techy world!

  3. mtwaggin says:

    Red flowers in second photo – what are they? Seeds? I’ve seen them around and would love some in my flower beds! Have a bag of your bachelor buttons I didn’t get out this year but definitely next.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      monarda or bee balm … it comes in all colors, I love the hot red the best, and this is the only one that actually draws humming birds into our yard…

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