the greedy gardener… that would be me!

I put my seeds in the ground in early spring (which is late April where I live). I had little polite seedlings pop up a few weeks later. We covered them with our makeshift portable greenhouse domes.

They grew little by little. They were sweet and tiny. So, seeing that I had more space, I seeded some other areas.

Same thing, and I still had some dirt showing, so I seeded a bit more.

Now I have been gardening for a super long time, as in 30+ years. I know someplace inside my brain there is a treasure trove of information regarding dirt, seeds, plants, sun, water, and the inevitability of plants growing, most of the time to their full potential.

But after a long winter, I think I become greedy, super duper greedy, and I want to fill each space up immediately, and play in the dirt, and water, and move things around, and transplant, and, and, and. Greedy Gardener I am.

One thing to note, it is super hard for me to kill anything. I have a green thumb like my one Grandma, if I plant something it grows, and on good weather years, things generally grow to their potential. So between my colored thumb and Mother Nature, this has been a super happening year.

Our lilac hedge is consumed with a waterfall of watermelon and squash vines. There are several gates we cannot open anymore because they are also wrapped with giant winter squash vines and leaves. Our brick pile is becoming unusable as I type. And after freezing 25+ gallons of raspberries, I need to find space for the upcoming apples, plums, tomatoes, and herbs.

I have counted over 20 water melons (these are personal softball sized and SO honey like delicious), and over 40 winter squash.

This has been an awesome year for gardening so far, if I haven’t said it already! And I have been seed saving already this season, lots and lots of seeds. They will be available on our on line store later this fall! Have a great day outside, in the sun, getting good vitamin D, enjoying your dogs, the dirt, and good food! Nancy


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  1. Joyce says:

    Wow! Beautiful bounty! Our SW gardens haven’t had enough rain!

  2. Marie says:

    You are amazing, Nancy

  3. Millie Hea says:

    Ugh! I have been growing tomatoes for 21 years and I have yet to find a ripe tomato this year. For the last several years I have grown both cherry & Big Boy tomatoes and had well over 1000 cherry on just one vine. This year I have had almost 5 ripe cherry tomatoes.

    No more growing tomatoes for me ….besides, those sweet little squirrels have been even swiping the even the green ones.

    How I envy people with green thumbs……..I can even kill artificial plants.

  4. Wendy says:

    Beautiful and inspiring photos! Your “Greedy Gardener” description made me laugh – I have the same problem believing the tiny transplants are really going to get as big as I should KNOW by now they will 🙂

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      I am glad to know there is a ‘dirt soul’ out there that thinks along the same lines! Nancy

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