VAXXED The Movie … a review and a reminder, from me to you

My husband went to the movies with me last night. If I say nothing else, this really says it all. The End.

But I like talking to you all so let me fill you in. I have been following the conversation, the controversy, and the clips from the movie VAXXED since April.

An official selection in the 2016 TRIBECA Film Festival, and then just as fast a ‘de-selection’, but not without Robert DeNiro saying “everyone should see this film”. This turned out to be the ‘no press is bad press’ magic God Mother hot button of a gift for this film, because all of a sudden everyone wanted to see it, way beyond a simple little film festival.

For months I was trying to figure out how I was going to get back to New York to see this film, be part of this movement, part of the conversation, just part of a bigger whole. Well, time, money, family, and work kept getting in the way of my plans so I basically resigned to waiting for the DVD release at some point.

When I told my family that VAXXED would be in Bozeman, my kids said, “Mom GO!!!”

Now back to my husband. We are twenty two years into our lives together. For the past sixteen years he has seen me research, read, make calls, attend seminars, travel to conferences, cry, scream, crumble to the floor, and equally jump through the house with unbridled relief. This has been every moment of my spare time, every moment. He has sat on the sidelines and watched this crazier than an Italian Circus on caffeine type of life unfold before him. I’m certain this is not what he signed up for when we met and decided to love one another, but life happens whether we want it to or not. And he decided to hang in there, albeit in a silent way.

When I told him I was buying tickets to go and see VAXXED for the one night showing, and wanted to invite friends, he looked at me and said, “I want to go with you”. With all of the shit a twenty two year relationship can go through, resentments that build, habits that are irritating, that simple simple simple sentence absolved everything.

I was told by a few people that I had asked to come with me ‘that ignorance is bliss and they would rather not know this information’.

Note to Everyone – ignorance is not bliss, it is chosen. And if I ask you to a movie, please don’t crinkle up your face and look at me as if I just tattooed a swastika on my forehead. I have awesome taste in film, your answer should always be yes, especially if I am buying.

There is a reason people become avoidant when you say the word ‘vaccine’, or discuss, or question vaccine practices, efficacy, injury, and or ethics. I believe this is by design, by our corrupt system, by vaccine manufacturers, and by greed. Some where along the way we all got lost, we were distracted, and we were spoon fed a whole bunch of crap. The word VACCINE should not be treated like ‘he who must not be named’. Vaccine is a word, no more and no less. Just say it loud and clear, I promise lightening will not strike, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine … pssst … Are you there?

VAXXED was happening last night, I sat down with my husband and a very good friend of fourteen years. The news was not new to me because I have been following this story for a while, but seeing it on a big screen, with a full house, and feeling that communal energy was intense.

There are NO spoiler alerts from me. Everyone should see this film. Everyone. This film is that well researched, it is that awesome, and it is the voice for people who have been told they were voiceless for the past two decades or longer.

And my husband, after all of these years, after watching this film, looked over at me and said, EVERYONE should see this film. That is why I started this post with The End.


A huge Thank You to those that were brave enough to step out and speak the truth!


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  1. Teresa says:

    I am the person you mention that did not want to attend and declined your offer. My reason to not attend this type of event is personal and you didn’t bother to ask. I think this is an important topic of this century and needs to be addressed without fear, but with true science. The quote I read from Robert De Niro is a bit different. What isn’t being discussed is the millions of children and young adults who were vaccinated over the past 2-3 decades at an overly aggressive rate. Similar to the tobacco industry, should the vaccine manufacturers create a super fund to cover health problems as a result of compounded and repetitive vaccines? Our main insurance carriers are not going to want to underwrite the cost of health issues that are “caused” by a chemical, I.e., tobacco, IV drugs abuse, asbestos, lead poisoning all areas that our government and insurance companies are currently mining your physicians electronic charts preparing a defense to no longer cover diseases as a result of.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Teri,
      actually you are not, but if you want to feel that way that is okay. We offered for you to come with us, we offered you a ticket, we offered you an evening out. You chose to not want to see it.

      So just to be clear –

      1 – this movie was not about fear based information it was about EDUCATION and FACTS. The majority of the people in this documentary were scientists, doctors, and parents of vaccine injured children. NOTHING was sensationalized, not one thing, it was the facts.

      2- Vaccine manufacturers carry zero liability when it comes to injury from vaccines. The 1986 Vaccine Injury Act that Reagan signed into law insured this.

      3 – Most doctors cannot identify a vaccine injury and slough it off as coincidence.

      4 – There is a vaccine injury court, but it is mostly a joke, and laborious at best, years of going through the process. It has paid out into the billions.

      5 – because of the vaccine injury act of 1986, no insurance company nor pharma company pays a dime it is our taxes that pay for injuries, now measuring into the multi billions.

      6 – Because of California’s SB277 mandatory vaccine law that went into effect on July 1st 2016, you will see an unprecedented rate of injury – asthma, adha, food allergies, gut issues, chrones disease, diabetes, eczema, and on and on and on.

      7 – Real science??? This movie discusses in depth the level of corruption in the CDC, that is now falsifying studies and whistlebowers are coming forward. Public science is broken, especially when you can buy and pay for results that make your vaccine more profitable.

      When you are ready to hear the truth, that is education, not fear based information, you will know.

  2. Jane Heath says:

    Hey Nancy! Nice work spreading the word. I’ve been working on the same message for years with our Sanctuary horses and then their adopters as well as my equine therapy clients. Eventually all our shouts may make a difference. Keep up the great work you do! Jane Heath Montana Horse Sanctuary and Circle of Life Equine (and Canine) Therapy


    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Jane thank you ❤ It is going to take all of us to keep saying the same thing … A collective of educated voices …

  3. finishlineframes says:

    A Real Head Turner..

    Hi Nancy,

    I never thought of myself as a “head turner” until the first time I walked into my vet’s office and when checking in the receptionist asked, “are you still declining vaccines?”. “Yes” I reply.
    All heads turn my way with my answer to that question. Works every time.

    Patricia W

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Patricia, you are awesome in so many ways, this is just one more!!! ❤

  4. Dana Johnson says:

    Thank you for your wonderful way with words Nancy! You are so right, it’s an EPIC movie that EVERYONE needs to witness! It was great to see you again!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      So good to see you, a bonus on the night ❤

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