The secret life of squash & my Georgia O’Keeffe hommage

No secret that I do not like this time of year. It is the ‘blowing shit up’ time of year in my mind, nothing to do with Americas Independence.

Lots of garden time, hiking time, and inside listening to music and cooking time.

Yesterday morning we were in the garden, and the light was near perfect. My winter squash patch is going to take over everything, its like an alien invasion right now, and it makes me SO EXCITED to think of our potential winter supply of delicious squashes!!!

But more than that, I love these plants, they hold secrets all their own, and are so interesting, and magical… I just tucked my camera under the big lily pad sized leaves and started to click, and this is what my camera found …





And in honor of the Georgia O’keeffe Exhibition at the Tate Modern (July 6-October 30), which apparently my flower garden had heard about, they decided to put on a hommage of sorts. And boy did they ever … I always feel like my garden, this time of year, is one sexy, earthy, supermodel. It is so easy to get lost for hours in the beauty of it all.





Our day ended with a gorgeous hike to Lava Lake, six miles round trip in the rain, sun, wind, sun, rain, and high mountain flora and fauna. It was perfect.


And then we all settled in for a special meal, great music, fans for white noise, and hoping for the blasting and bombing to stop.


From the earth, through me, to you, Nancy

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  1. Teresa says:

    Beauty surrounds us all, thank you for taking the time to see it, capture it and share it with us. The splendor in the night sky of fireworks has always brought mixed emotions. Last time there was no moon, I sat in my back yard and absolutely enjoyed the splendor of the star lit sky. It was majestic, magnificent and break-taking all at once. Fireworks…mans creation….Hmmm…..literally, burning money in the sky and big money at that for small towns! ($45,000 for 20 minutes of popping and sizzling?) Pollution, fire danger, children who are injured by sparks and then there is that darn popping and squealing noise that makes me nutz. We were blessed with Sophie who just simply doesn’t mind the noise, she cruises thru 4th of July and New Years Eve pretty smoothly. Last night was an exception. We were on our walk just before 9:00. Lights were out in every house and I mean every house. Many neighbors put their beloved family dog into the garage, a place foreign to the dog to begin with, then add in the noise and it was a symphony of fear barking that was deafening as we walked. Sophie kept turning around looking at me as if to say, can’t you help them! These beloved dogs that we pass each day, were so distraught and their owners were no where to be found, they couldn’t hear the shrilling barks and cries for comfort.

  2. Nancy Tanner says:

    Teri, this makes me so sad – here is what I posted on fb – similar to your experience – you might remember way back when as well?

    “I remember running around in shorts and a bikini top, barefoot most of the day. Watermelon, fried chicken, lemonade. These memories are so vivid. Sun kissed skin, laughing, playing games, jumping in the creek.

    In the 70’s, our city would have a gigantic 4th of July picnic. The golf course closed for the day, and everyone set up an area for their family, for the day. It was so social, happy, and free. At the end of the day, when everyone was good and tired, and it started to get dark, the fireworks display would go off. It was somehow magical, and special, and made you feel something.

    These were the only fireworks we ever saw, there wasn’t the option of buying your own personal ‘displays’.

    Fast forward to today, 2016, and it is simply about blowing shit up. Since June 24th, when firework stands went up, we hear blasts, and screams, and whistling, and crackling. From 9am until way past midnight. There is no time to predict when it is okay to be outside with your dog, go for a walk safely, and least of all, having a bbq or picnic outside. This is no longer about independence, or our freedom, or family, or community. It’s about blowing shit up, that is it.

    It is no longer special, or magical. There isn’t a single dog person that I know that looks forward to this time of year. Dread, sadness, and anger seem to be the predominant feelings.

    I know this morning, all of my dogs look tired and stressed, Story in particular, but he is also a senior dog, and senior dogs, just like senior people, prefer a slightly more gentle environment. This is has been going on now for twelve days, last night the worst, and tonight our city will allow blowing shit up, again.
    You probably have all seen the SILENT FIREWORKS article I posted over a week ago. Italy, I hope you influence the world … it is time.

    But more than silent, I think twelve days is excessive, one would be great, and it would make it special all over again.

    Take the time to send your city a little note, even if it is just one line. Your voice counts, and we should all be that one voice for the many animals who do not have one.” Nancy

  3. mtwaggin says:

    ❤ Big Time <3! Someday I will find out about that hike and someday I'll be healthy enough again to DO it!

  4. tippysmom2 says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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