sometimes, it’s best to be barefoot and move the hoses yourself

I have a 1/4 acre garden. Not ginormous by any means, but not small either.

When you consider that this garden feeds my entire family of four humans for 6 months out of the year, it kind of puts things into perspective though. Small but serious gardeners. We have been ‘bio dynamic’ gardeners for over fifteen years now.


This means learning how to nurture the soil so the soil can do what it is supposed to do in order to nourish the plants. The circle of life.


And I love my borage. L.O.V.E.

We grow our own green manure, we supplement with chicken manure and we still have composting rabbit manure from our bunnies (this is solid gold in case you are wondering).

We compost everything from our kitchen, and we save rain water.


I am asked almost every single day WHY we don’t have automatic sprinklers, and drip line hoses, and timers, and blah blah blah …



I like walking through my garden with my children and dogs.

I like being barefoot and noticing every blade of grass, lump of dirt, and plantain under foot.

I like walking from my front to back yard and moving the water lines.

I like taking the time to be outside.

I like not having a phone or connection to anything other than Mother Nature for a few hours each day in the summer.

I like hearing my dogs run from one sprinkler to another and checking on it with me.

I like taking the time to be outside with my plants, in my garden and seeing how they are doing.

I like being connected to the earth, to the air, to the water, and letting what ever unnecessary crap that came my way throughout the day, just float away.

I like knowing that this is my time, with my dirt, with my plants, in my life, with my dogs, be mine. I am kind of resource guardy this way.


I don’t believe everything should be convenient, easy, on time, or in a system.

Sometimes the dirtier the messier, the more in touch with the earth the better.


When I get into my garden, I feel free of everything else that is unimportant. My black and white beauties, my plants, and my dirt …


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Joyce Spinden says:

    I like that you shared with us.. Many thanks!! Beautiful dogs .. As well as photos.

  2. Julie H. says:

    And if you weed for about 6 or 7 hours you don’t have to go to a yoga class, right? However, I think 1/4 acre *is* fairly ginormous. : )

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Sometimes I wonder if we all had gardens and worked in our gardens, would we need a gym to go to? Or would Mother Nature prove to be the best gym ever….?

  3. mtwaggin says:

    Your photos rock sista and I so enjoyed reading this as I felt I was there wandering through your yard and garden right with you. You are so inspiring and you can read the love here.

  4. Wonderful. Mayself I could be gardening all the time, if I got the chance. And now, when dog is getting old, I also have a dog who is joining me, without running to the woods for hunting birds.

  5. wanderingseniors says:

    Thank you for this post. Lots of people think there’s something wrong with me because I refuse to set up an automatic sprinkling system. Some have even offered to install one for me. I’ve tried to explain why I love watering by hand, but they just don’t get it. If more people got out of their houses (leaving their phones in the house) and watered this way, there might be more happy people in this world. p.s. I love your dogs!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      thank you wanderingseniors!!! Happy gardening ❤

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