ditch the TOOL BOX …

The virtual  Trainers Tool Box. The ‘make believe’ place where ideas, techniques, theories, and training aids are stored. Just in case, because you never know when you’ll need it.

The smoke screen place that assumes no blame and no shame.

The illusion that all knowledge is usable and viable and fair. Again, just in case, because you never know when you’ll need it.

The rabbit hole that allows a trainer to fall into a place that absolves them from feelings, intuition, common sense, and connection with another living being.

The Trainers Tool Box is just an excuse. And when you’re in a position to work with others, or teach another living being something about humans, excuses are what divide you and will never allow a true connection.

I have never had to reach into a place of excuses, betray trust, cause discomfort or harm, in order to teach a skill, smooth out an emotional space, or allow a dog to feel safe.

Knowledge is important, but learning how to parcel out knowledge from informational sewage is equally as important, especially if it is suggesting that using harm, discomfort, or intimidation are simply ‘tools’ that are not only viable but accepted. It isn’t necessary to hold onto everything you hear, read, or watch. It isn’t healthy to create a Trainers Tool Box, just in case. I feel the more we are learning, the more extinct common sense and connection are becoming.

Build your skills, ask questions, and be fair. Consider the Trainers Tool Box fodder for the trash can, and move on.






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  1. mtwaggin says:

    You also have the talent of being able to dole out your knowledge without making any of the rest of us feel like “dummies”. THAT is the true talent!

  2. I never realised that the ‘tool box’ analogy was referring to ‘equipment’. But even if it is, one must use the ‘right tool for the job’. Using electric (shock) collars to teach a recall would be eguivalent to using a jack hammer to chip the ice for a martini.

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