when it all fades


Because …

most of the time when I am with my dogs, this is what I see

It is us, just us, no matter what the rest of the world is doing

that the landscape fades away

noises fade away

daily thoughts, confusions, concerns, projects, they all fade away

and it is just us, seamless

It is pure, and simple, and honest, and nothing else matters.


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  1. Teresa says:


  2. Natalie. says:

    ….such a beautiful post.
    I lost unexpectedly my Buddy dog – mcnab or bc/lab mix or just….dog….this December.
    And have been out of balance ever since! So this resonates with me.
    I know the right dog is out there – ready to balance the world and life – with me.
    Because….when you’re with your dog, it is just that.
    Pure simple and honest. As you so eloquently said.

    Thank you so much!

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