Dogs and Garden Pollinators

We spend almost all of our days in the garden once the last snow has melted into the earth.

My children and dogs have grown up in this environment, and I think look forward to this season as much as me.

This year we have a tremendous amount of pollinators in our grass. We’ve never experienced this before.

I have been observing them for about three days now, and yesterday took one into our local store Planet Natural for ID (they are a huge online store by we are fortunate to have their home store here). I am all for pollinators, and bugs of most sorts in the garden, and if they leave me alone I leave them alone. Everything has it’s place.

But my dogs are ‘barefoot’ as are my children most of the time, and I just want to make sure that we aren’t going to have that epic moment where everyone starts yelping because they are being stung or swarmed.

We looked through University Extension ID lists, and some other sites, and it is either a grass bee (most likely not), a ground wasp (maybe but they aren’t aggressive), a sawfly bloom (quite possibly now that we have pear trees), or migrating beneficial pollinators (most likely).

We shall see how this all progresses, but it isn’t bothering my dogs, these pollinators don’t seem to be bothered by us, and as of today, everyone is happy with their own space in our yard.

Here is a little clip of what they look like and what they are doing. They are definitely ground dwelling pollinators of some sort.

And Rhumb is THRILLED that she is able to water the grass again, her favorite summer job!!! Nancy

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  1. tippysmom2 says:

    I couldn’t see them clear enough to help identify. They aren’t yellow jackets, are they? If they are and you step on the hole to their nest, you will definitely know about it! Love how Rhumb is watering the garden.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      They are definitely not a yellow jacket, and I do not believe ground dwelling, there are no obvious holes.

      I tried the water test, sprinkle them to see the reaction, and they didn’t become agitated like a wasp would. There are fewer this afternoon, which makes me thin they are migratory and moving along. It would be cool to know what they are…

      1. tippysmom2 says:

        I thought I saw one coming out of a hole in the ground at the beginning of the video. I guess I was seeing things. It would be nice to know what they were. I’ll bet there is a website out there somewhere that you can post a picture and they will tell you what it is. Glad they don’t seem to be anything that will sting. That is always a plus.

  2. cj says:

    Love the music… and Rhumb watering the lawn!

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