The Sexy Beast!

Rhumb is full on sexy now.


She is completely reveling in her maturity, her hormones, her sexy looks, her scent, and the new found attention from other dogs. She has not one reservation or hang up about her actions at home or in public. Randy behavior for sure.


She is 100% unapologetic.


She is our sexy beast, all ours.


And I totally cracked up the other day when my teenage daughter wanted to bring her to one of our classes and work her. It had to be weird in a class with adult handlers to be a teenager with a young, flirty, sexy beast of a dog, with sexual overtones. They both did great, but there was more laughter and silliness than usual. As there should be.

Here is to living life, having fun, and learning lots, Nancy


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  1. Teresa says:

    I can’t get over the change in Rhumb in just two weeks! WOW.

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