Trust the Process

Trusting in the process of puppy development can be hard sometimes.
We have a life, we have jobs, things to do, and places to go. The faster we get that puppy trained the better!!!
But that isn’t how it works actually.
Time limits or exact goals can sabotage your relationship and training with your puppy. Pressuring your puppy to act like an adult when they have not even gone through all of the puppy, adolescent, and young adult stages, can mean social and emotional destruction for them.
Everything is a phase, everything with your puppy is on a path, and change will happen. As the saying goes, ‘this too shall pass’. And if you are a seasoned dog owner you know all too well that it passes way too quickly.
2.5 – 4 years of age, depending on breed and size, is generally when a dog comes into full adulthood. So you have time, make the most of it and truly enjoy the process.
Puppies do puppy things and if you put them into a position to act like an adult or make adult decisions, they will fail, and they will remind you they are a puppy. They will gladly and sometimes gleefully fly their virtual ‘puppy freak flag’ just to remind you to cool your jets, they are in fact a puppy, and not mature.
So, be a good puppy raiser –
  1. Wear old clothes you don’t mind getting muddy.
  2. Pick up carpets that you don’t want to lose to teething.
  3. Gate rooms.
  4. Teach your puppy skills on a daily basis.
  5. Kindly and considerately socialize on a daily basis.
  6. Have teething items available at all times. Your floor should look like a virtual bone yard if you’re doing it right.
  7. Be a good housekeeper and pick your things up. ‘Things’ like shoes and socks and underpants are nothing more than chew toys to a puppy.
  8. Love your puppy, spend time cuddling and touching, and hanging together. Bonding is so important.
  9. If you think your puppy is being a jerk, maybe, but more likely they are teething, or going through a growth spurt, or something confused them socially. So be understanding.
  10. Be kind and purposeful with your puppy, but also make sure you have a great sense of humor, because puppies are super funny sometimes!

Nancy ❤

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mtwaggin says:

    True Dat and good reminders that they aren’t puppies for just 6 months or even a year. We are just NOW finding those adult type behaviors in Epic who will be 3 YEARS in a month. Just try to laugh at the puppy-ness that shows through still.

  2. Kristy says:

    I love this Nancy-thanks for sharing. I just love the puppy timeframe and watching them learn and experience life; all with that one floppy ear and that ear to ear grin on their face! Precious, super fun times!

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