The Office – part 5

The Office – part 5


Story, having the most experience in the office with Christmas, gathered the other office employees around to tell them the story of the ‘Fancy Holiday Wizard’, his flying reindeer, cookies, lots and lots of cookies, milk, and getting to stay up late!

Story had mingled and rubbed noses with the reindeer in years past, got to sit in the sleigh for a bit, and felt like the Wizard from the north was an old friend.


Once Rhumb heard about flying reindeer she could no longer focus on her work. She could only dream of flying in the sky, all over the world, as fast as she could.

This was her dream job!

The office would now be too small to contain her ambitions and her natural talents, especially speed!

Speed, FAST, SPEEDIER, fastyer, higher, further, MORE SPEED!!!

She stopped answering the phone, filing, and filling orders, she just looked out the window and dreamed of meeting the ‘Fancy Holiday Wizard’ … Surely reindeer would move over for the more efficient Border Collie? Why would they not?


Rhumb went to her desk and logged onto the NORAD Santa Tracker.

When asked why she wasn’t doing her job, she exclaimed that she quit and was needed elsewhere, like in the sky, going fast, across the whole world!!!

She just needed to catch her new employer when he flew over the office, so she was tracking him.

Nothing creepy about that she assured everyone.

Geez, she thought, these reindeer are a bit pokey…


When Story and $eeker dropped the bomb that she needed to apply for the job, and be hired first, and that no Border Collie had ever been hired for this job before, well, she reminded them she had quit, and told Story, you’re not the boss of me anymore!

I will be working for a Fancy Wizard pretty soon, and out of this office! Sheesh! My true talents are wasted here, she thought, or rather said out loud for all to hear.


When she saw on NORAD that her new employer was over North America, she lay under the tree so as not to miss him.

She struck a pose, was on her best behavior, and waited, and waited, and waited.


When the ‘Fancy Holiday Wizard’ arrived, he told Story and $eeker how good it was to see them again.

He sat down for a bit and they exchanged some stories from the past year and some good laughs.

He gave each one a profound hug, a cookie, a bit of milk, and of course some magic dust for the coming year.

He met Rhumb for the first time, and told her how beautiful and brave she was, how strong and fast and smart she was.

And he told her that right now she needed to be where she was, she needed to learn from Story and $eeker, and that one day, she would be the perfect Border Collie for his Team.

But for now, she was in the perfect place.

When asked where her magic dust was, he exclaimed as he flew out of site, ‘you are a young one, so bright and so special, the magic inside of you is stronger than anything I can offer.

She profoundly disagreed, and let everyone know this. in the loudest way.

She knew that she was most likely over qualified for the job, and this was the easy let down. She decided that she would track The Wizard for the rest of the year, creepy or not … ho ho ho!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. John & Marie Tanner says:

    Can’t open this post. Darn!

  2. Nice staff in your office!

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      they are awesome, and keep my life on a interesting and fun path!

  3. Wendy says:

    I just found this series, and am having the best lunch hour ever 🙂

  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    My girl and I are trying to figure out a feed that will make her healthier she has the shape of your dog in the front 🙂 but mine is 64 lbs and 10 and always plays though is filled with growths and arthritis probably from having such a full life. My life has forever been changed by sharing it with my beautiful Border Collie.

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