The Office – part 4

The Office – part 4


Rhumb was so thrilled for her first ever Halloween prank that she took an extra bone break this morning after sending out an office Memo.

“See you all at the office meeting, please don’t be late, take care of marking and sniffing before you come so we can all be productive. PS- don’t forget, it is DRESS LIKE A DEMENTOR DAY!”


$eeker arrived dressed as his favorite Dementor, and quickly realized he had been punked …  Story on the other hand has the best meeting ever, and Rhumb was mysteriously absent. It was not a productive meeting at all.


Later, when  questioned about the ‘Office Memo’, because we have never sent one out before, Rhumb said she is an adolescent, cannot be held accountable for such an act, was completely annoyed that she was even a suspect,  and doesn’t know how to type anyway.

When told that she would be on the late night shift for the rest of Halloween week for her silly prank, and she would be on the look out for witches, wizards, dragons, and real Dementors, well …  mwah ha ha ha …


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  1. Nicky Brown says:

    I’ve been laughing so much at all the antics and the wonderful photos!

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