The Office – part 3

The Office – part 3


Rhumb was in charge of filing forms today.

When I asked her how things went on her first day flying solo she responded “He Who Must Not Be Named told me to take the day off, so I did and went in search of dragons instead, and mysteriously found myself with a tasty mug of butter beer, and then I listened to the chocolate frogs sing, and, well I’m too tired right now”

I’m pretty sure she’s trying to distract me with her HP knowledge, and it’s working…And I’m pretty sure she didn’t do any work today!


When Rhumb asked Story to add HP to the next office meeting agenda, he said he would think about it, but it probably wouldn’t happen. He was slightly pissed that she was drinking butter beer before the meeting, it kind of explained a lot.


Rhumb demanded that HP be added to the agenda.


And then she demanded again but this time with her invisibility cloak on, thinking it would give her more leverage, the real thing, so so so fun she thought. She didn’t realize at her young age that the invisibility cloak made you invisible, so it was kind of lost on everyone at the meeting, they couldn’t see her, or so they said.


$eeker was enjoying the meeting, he was glad Rhumb wasn’t there, he didn’t know about the invisibility cloak. He came as a Parisian, he does that sometimes.



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