The Office – part 2


THE OFFICE – part 2

First day on the job answering phones and Rhumb started to ‘prank puppy answer’ callers and then hang up, thinking they would call back for more.

“who’s your daddy, bet ya don’t know?
“yappy new year, shhhh be quiet!”
“happy bone day to you…”
“yapster dot com, sing me a song”
“who let the dogs out, who, who, who who”

Story who was in charge of her training went to HR to file a complaint, “she’s a bit of a puppy smart ass”. HR reminded Story that at that age, so was he, suck it up ButterCup.

Story went back to HR to put in for a sick day, his chief complaint, “working with Rhumb has turned my brain into sauerkraut”

$eeker remains stupidly happy that he does not have to be in charge of Rhumbs training. He was recently put on maintanence of outdoor facilities and is working by the pond, the pool, and in the garden. He realizes that his life does not suck. ~ Nancy

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Marie Cook says:

    Cracking me up!

  2. Teresa Tanner says:

    Love it! Amazing that HR has not identified the newest employee as “high maintenance” and placed on the watch list!

  3. Millie says:

    The highlight of my day! When the car mechanic punctures holes in my hoses and sprays oil on the underside to create a drip… and has me in tears for days on end, I just open my email and find a “Nancy blog” to forget my troubles … least momentarily. Thanks Nancy! P.S. What was your dad “on” when he said he’s had a near perfect life?????? As in “When Harry Met Sally” , I’ll have what he’s “on”!

  4. Marie says:

    I can just hear you giggling as you write these stories. You’re having way too much fun.

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