Because he inspires me …

This would have been our fourth Valentines weekend in New York City. I started this blog just over four years ago, and every year I have had one to five articles nominated by the Dog Writers Association of America.

They announce the winners in New York City, the night before the Westminster Dog Show, so it’s kind of a big deal when we fly east every February. We’ve made it a tradition of sorts, an annual migration, and have loved every minute. Restaurants, Central Park, all of the cool neighborhoods, and we’ve even had a cup of coffee and croissant on the stoop of Tiffany’s in -1 degree weather just so we could be Holly Golightly for a moment.

In four years I have had 13 nominations, and have received two Maxwell Medallion Awards from the DWAA. All articles, from my words on here, to you. I write how I think and how I would talk as if you were here in front of me. I rarely edit, much to the dismay of many of you, but take note, when I talk, I rarely edit what I say. It is what it is.

And my Dad has a lot to do with this. He has been a huge supporter of my writing, since forever. He was a great writer himself, told great stories, and encouraged me to do the same over the years. Jonathon Livingston Seagull was a book he read to us over and over and over after dinner, and I still can smell the summer air just thinking about that book.

So this year, instead of New York City, we decided to go west. It felt like the right choice in every way. My kids could do their mid-winter training at the beach, bummer I know, and then lots of family time, food time, sun time, and talking, lots and lots of talking.


My Dad is 86 this year, and we were sitting and talking about something random I had remembered, and he responded, “I’ve been here a long time, and my life has been near perfect.”


He is why I do a lot of the things I do in the dog world and with my writing. So this was my perfection this weekend. To spend it with the person who has inspired me personally and professionally.


It happened to be one of those rare winter weekends where it was 80 degrees or so, and the ocean 50 degrees or so, clear blue sky and crystal clear ocean, and just yummy. Our winter bodies couldn’t get enough of it. We were sucking up as much vitamin D as possible before our return home.


Winter training at the beach. May life always feel this awesome!


So, inspiration, it is what keeps me moving forward … Nancy


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  1. Teresa Tanner says:

    Our mom and and dad both enjoyed your visit immensely. This morning dad said your visit was ever so sweet, all too short! It was wonderful to share Valentines dinner with you, Piper and Renn.

  2. aandcolson says:

    We loved seeing you all! Gramps is an inspiration to all of us in some way, same with Grams!

  3. mtwaggin says:

    He raised awesome kids and I so love your posts about your visits with him. What a marvelous time and yes, may life always be “near perfect”! ❤

  4. Teresa Tanner says:

    Dad has now read your article 3 times and each time, smiles and stands a bit taller. Thank You. Mom has been so good about printing out your blogs for dad and today she is showing him the pictures of your trip.

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