A Midwinters Day Dream

Sometimes you just need to get out, go for a walk, breathe clean perfect air, and appreciate the silence. And sometimes you need to do it all together, with the ones you love.

Me, my dogs and children have been working pretty steadily on designing and testing matches for our World Treibball League, re-writing curriculum for our puppy classes, trying new tricks, and working on life together. We’re actually always working on life together if I am being totally honest, sometimes it feels smooth and effortless, but other times a bit more like sticky peanut butter. After the holidays, everything feels a but sticky and seems to take more effort. And so the story goes. And so welcome the well needed outing.


Rhumb is pushing a whopping nine months of age now. Her recall and desire to stay with us has pretty much sucked up until about one week ago. Today she actually chose us, she wanted to walk in a group, play with her toy, and do lightening dashes back and forth. This is the first for real group photo, without me holding onto a long line with her attached at the other end. A big day in history for sure!


When Rhumb does a long fast out-run, her m.o. has been to keep going and make her out-run a dash for the state line. Today however, she would go out about 200 yards, turn, and hold a bow position until I kicked her toy out to her, or called her back. Her duration in this position was impressive, and super cute!


She loves dashing, at full speed, here and there and everywhere. Since the day we brought her home, when she was the size of a nugget, she has liked to run. Just run for running’s sake. It must feel so good to her. She is so strong, so agile, has so much power packed into her sexy little body. Watching her dash about gives you that feeling in your stomach when you go over those big roller coaster dips in a road and are going just a bit too fast. That is how she makes you feel when you watch her in motion.


$eeker will be nine this year, and he is just now starting to show his age in some ways. He was so charming today, just happy to be with us, toy or not, and have a day together. He had not one complaint about anything today, even Rhumb using him as a hurdle a couple of times!


And then there was this. For every 100 photos I take, I have one that surprises me. And this is that one. My Story, soon to be Eleven. He lay down in a snow field, and was just watching things, just enjoying the time. He has struck this pose often enough that it feels so deeply familiar, so comforting, so like home. To the moon and back, he is this awesome.

My house is currently quiet, everyone content. My children reading, my dogs sleeping, and the sun setting. This is my perfect, my nest, my joy, my contentment. So simple, so perfect, so complete.





5 Comments Add yours

  1. teresa says:

    peace and tranquility be yours

  2. Millie says:

    So envious of you and your dogs in the snow. There’s a law in St. Louis now, that you cannot leave your dog (even in your yard) if you are not home. And if it’s very cold or very hot, you will be fined. How do you respond to that!

    My dog Mitzi, little TerryPoo, LOVED the cold weather and that’s where she wanted to be all day. When I brought her home as a 6wk old puppy, she sat on the AC vent …..I feared she’d get a cold so I put a piece of cardboard under her ……she moved to another vent.

    1. Nancy Tanner says:

      Hi Millie, it is a good law for many reasons, depending on the wording. Is it a law or an ordinance? Therein lies a bit of difference, and to enforce something like this you must have a TON of animal control officers.

      Dogs left outside unattended can get too hot or too cold, depending not only on the weather but the protection from the elements that the owner provides or not.

      Dogs left unattended outside usually do one if not all four behaviors – fence run, property guard, dig, and bark obsessively.

      Having a dog is more than just letting them hang in your yard, it is about doing things together. Enjoying each others company.

  3. maggielandry says:

    I think that is a great law and I firmly believe that dogs should not left alone outside. We are their caregivers and they have the right to be safe and out of harms way. My dogs love the snow too but we enjoy it together off leash in the bush snowshoeing the winter away.

  4. cj says:

    The pictures of your dogs are amazing. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us.

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