My Dog Blogs for another Blog, THE DIRT

Well I have been writing away, and not just for my own blog, but for two others. It has been great to share my voice, be part of the conversation, in other venues that don’t necessarily know me. Kind of like a cocktail party of sorts, where you mingle but only virtually, don’t actually drink, or meet face to face, but get to know each other through words, lots and lots of words …

Here are a few links to top blogs that I have written for others in recent months. Hope you enjoy ~ Nancy

THE CITY SLICKER PUPPY – Successfully raising a herding puppy in an urban environment


LIFE IS SHORT. BARK. LOUD… or maybe not?


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  1. mtwaggin says:

    Nice blog posts all of them! Not sure how I missed this one but I did so getting caught up. Loved the Bark Loud one – especially since I have Mr. Super-energy who when not given sufficient brain and physical exercise – barks/talks a LOT! 🙂

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