What’s happening with Calvin these days …?

Well Calvin has some fans, followers, and is just a little bit famous around town. As he should be.

Quite a few people have been asking about him as of late. It was just about a year ago that I met Calvin for the first time, so weird in so many ways.

So an update as far as I know it to be.

Calvin’s foster family adopted him, and he lives in a loving home with people who adore him, with Gracie the Golden Retriever who is his best friend, and a cat or two, who’s names I do not know. Family members come to visit and bring their dogs so there is lots of people and other dogs to keep everyone happy and social.


I worked with Calvin and Gracie all winter long, their videos and photos were titled, “Thursdays with Gracie and Calvin”. Their little video clips and photos are on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Just go to photos & videos section and scroll a bit.


It turns out that Calvin LOVES to learn once he feels safe. He loves to know that he is loved, this is very important to him, and in return his love for you is palpable.

And if you remember his original photos, you won’t believe the size of his head now! A big, solid, grab with two hands and kiss all over head!!! Little Mr. Big Head would be a more fitting name!

Gracie and Calvin worked on movement, circus tricks, basic behaviors, handler focus, and toy games. Those mornings were the best. I would pick them up for their ‘field trip’ day, we would go through a coffee drive through, a coffee for me a treat for them, and they LOVED and looked forward to this little magical adventure of cookies coming out of a window just for them! We would go over to my facility, air out in the outdoor fenced area, and then go inside and set up for the morning. They loved this little Thursday routine as much as I did. Here is a little secret, I don’t offer this service of of ‘stay and train’ or whatever you want to call it, but I fell so deeply in love with Calvin that I agreed to do this, and my Thursdays with Calvin and Gracie were awesome, every single week.

Gracie and Calvin’s owner, Maddy, brought them to group classes all winter as well. She made this commitment to them and followed through, which always impresses me! Maddy would work Gracie, and my daughter Piper would work Calvin, and they both worked seamlessly around other dogs and people.

And remember Calvin’s intense fear of water? Well apparently with a year of feeling safe, learning to trust, and consistency, he now has other plans for a very wet world!!!




My schedule has changed a bit in the past month or so, and I no longer see these two gems on a weekly basis. I do hear of ‘sightings’ of Calvin and Gracie about town, which always makes me smile. I hope to see them before too long, but as far as I know it, they are living like Rock Stars!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marcia Jansen says:

    Calvin is a lucky guy to have had you to learn with, and I was fortunate also to be able to learn via the videos of you and Calvin and Gracie. It’s a win, win, win situation!

  2. Nikki Brown says:

    Makes my face hurt from smiling so much! So glad to hear that he has a wonderful family and home!

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